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Upgrade from klipsch s4 for EDM

  1. pdiddypdler
    Hi there,
    I recently got some Ultrasone pro900's and I'm really liking them, now i think it's time to upgrade my portable rig.
    I do like the s4's straight out of my ipod classic but I'd like to get something a bit better.
    I've been looking at a few iem's but can't decide which would be best for me because there is so many options.
    My budget is strictly $200... i've been looking at the TF10's , gr07, ex600 and a few others.
    Which do you think would be best for EDM (about 90% of what a listen to)? I mostly listen to vocal trance, house, dnb and a bit of dubstep + some rock.
    I'm also looking at a few cheap amps for on the go, Fiio e6 , e11. Would these make a significant difference? Recommendations would be great.
  2. alexm23
    amps don't make a difference for IEMs i've heard. i've never tried it.
    do you want something with more bass or less bass than the S4s?
  3. pdiddypdler
    I like the amount of bass on the S4 - it's good for EDM, but i'm just looking for a better all around earphone and if that means giving up a little bit of bass (but still OK) then so be it.
  4. Selenium
    You'd love the TF10. It is pretty, pretty, preeeeettttaaaaaaay good with anything electronic. The EX600 is a great earphone, but it's hard NOT to recommend the TF10s for what you listen to. No amp needed.
  5. nipit
    I would recommend TF10 & JVC FXT90. Both are great for EDM.
    I actually listen to the same genres as you (except rock) and those two sound great :wink:
  6. pdiddypdler
    Yeah i don't really listen to much rock, just on occasion.
    I heard there was a tf10 successor coming out the tf15. What is the info on that? I guess it would be out of my price range anyway...
    So I'm pretty keen on the TF10, I heard it's uncomfortable, should i be worried?
    I heard foam tips are recommended with the tf10. Which ones should I be looking at? I've never had tips outside of the stock ones.
  7. Selenium
    TF15 is just some Asian version of the TF10. As far as comfort goes, we can't speak on that for you. Good luck.
  8. nipit
    I get a good seal with stock comply tips & silicon TF10 tips :wink: For me sound is clearer with silicon tips. Go for tf10, you won't regret if you don't actually have tiny ears.
  9. djvkool
    I recommend TF10 too for electronic, then UE700 or Hippo VB
  10. nipit


    UE700 for EDM? Aren't they too bass light for that?
  11. RallyMaster
    I think the TF10 is pretty bass light as well for EDM.
  12. A Ham Sandwich
    If you could find some Monster Turbine Pro Golds for $200 or less you'd be set.  Atrio MG7 is also good.
  13. nipit


    I don't find them to be bass light. Just the right amount of bass. I don't really like when I can only hear bass in the composition :wink:
  14. Poak
    Definitely get the TF10 for EDM. I own both the TF10 and the S4 and the TF10s are really great for EDM. Also, I don't think they lack in bass at all. It's not as boomy as the S4, but it has a great impact and it's overall quality is way better than the S4. 
  15. pdiddypdler
    About to buy the TF10's for $164. One question, how is UE's warranty? I'm in Aus and buying from amazon in the US. Is the warranty International?

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