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Upgrade from Head-Direct RE-252 and RE-262

  1. saisunil Contributor
    I am using RE-252 and RE-262 with 801 and 602 and would like to replace them with IEMs with more bass and better extension on top ...
    I listen to mostly Jazz, Classical, Acoustic, Vocals, etc.
    I prefer uncolored, neutral and transparent sound and I would consider buying a new or used set ... but prefer not to go in the direction of customs like JHPro 13/16 (too much money) ... as new products come faster than I can follow them ...
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    One universal IEM that has more bass than RE262 and better top extension than RE252? Now I like to know what IEM would fit that description as well.
  3. Inks
    probably the FX700..
  4. mvw2
    Better is relative.  Both the RE252 and RE262 are quite good.  The RE252 has more bottom end and top end presence than the RE262, but the RE262 has more effortless dynamics, has a driver that is more refined, and does end up with punchier higher frequency bass with subtle bottom end presence.  Treble on the RE262 isn't bad, but also helps if you remove the foam and stay away from any foam tips to show more through.  The top end is more subtle on the RE262, but it's there and quietly sparkly [​IMG].  I am liking the driver used in the RE262 more than the RE252.  The RE252 is more balanced in response though, so it works nice with more music, but the RE262 has a better sound stage, more dyanmics, and is cleaner.  The RE262 tends to show its color from time to time with the wrong music and certain things just sound off.
    It just sounds like you're looking for something totally different than either.  You seem to want both ends emphasized more, so you should be looking at products that specifically do that like the Triple.Fi 10 or Westone 3.  For as uncolored as you think you want, maybe you really aren't looking for a lack of coloration after all.  It's tough to say.  You may simply want something a little better or you do want specifically emphasized bass and treble.  It's really not wrong either way.  You just have to know what you like and use hardware that fits that.
    On a side note away from the HifiMan line, I would also point you to the e-Q7.  This is a really well balanced earphone with excellent extension but also the moving armature design has a more dynamic driver presence which gives it a good visceral presentation.  It's more balanced than the RE262, not quite so lean on the bottom end, and is more dynamic and effortless than the RE252.  I've kind of come to consider it the best all-around balanced earphone out there.  I think the RE262 has a really stellar driver, but it's hard to ignore the coloration regardless of how subtle/tasteful it may be.  EQing of course works to modify it as desired, but you have to have an EQ available for it.  From a balance standpoint, the only other earphone I am really fond of is the CK100, but it's hard to get affordably.  The CK100 I kind of see as the pinnacle of balance and refinement of presentation.  It has more bottom end than the e-Q7, a more refined top end, and a more pinpoint and laid out sound stage, but it's less visceral and doesn't quite pull you into the music like the e-Q7 does.  The e-Q7 has a better sense that you are there, and the CK100 is more like you're watching it.  Plus the price of the CK100 is a heck of a lot more.  It sort of ends up that the e-Q7 is an outstanding buy for the sub $300 (used, or eQ5 new, same driver) market.  The CK100 costs more but doesn't really give you holistically better, simply something different.
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  5. rawrster
    i think you really have only two options. Get an earphone that suits your preferences better but it won't be an upgrade. Your other option is to get a custom which is something you don't want to do but in order to have an upgrade you will have to go there.
  6. laon
    I wonder if it's possible to mold those two iem together into a single custom...
  7. saisunil Contributor
    thanks guys ... I did a quick search on e-Q7 and CK100 ... nothing jumping out to me yet. I have both RE252 and RE 262 - they are both very similar sounding - the differences are minor ... head-direct definitely provides value and a nice overall balance ... they are very good phones ... I am just looking for more / better ... I want reference class ... perhaps even replace my over the head phones as most of my listening is now being done through IEMs
    I have a few tracks to check for "air" on top - neither 252 or 262 cut the mustard for me - and neither did recabled Senn 600 (just to give a point of ref.)
    Same with bass - they have it just like AKG701 - but I want the last two octaves - no not colored ...
    I cannot stand treble emphasis like on most grados ... I have owned or tried almost all the grado models from the current production line ...
    Seem like I need to take a plunge with JHPro 13 or 16 ...
    Some say Shure 425 and 535 are also quite good for non customs
    I am thinking of buying used ... to minimize investment loss ...
    Thanks ...
  8. daveDerek Contributor
    Sunil, have you checked out the threads describing the grado gr10 & westone 2s? i've not yet heard the former though it's descriptions definitely make it sound interesting. i'm currently listening to some w2s and i must say they are an impressive device - very nicely balanced. i've heard of more than one user who has preferred them on a day-to-day basis over the 'upmarket' westone w3 and um3x. of course if you're willing to pop for them something like the jh13 and es5 are terrific pieces, and there was a sale on the jh13 the other day - too late now for the discount though. if you really want to take it to another level then the choice is the jh3a, but that's a whole 'nuther thing....
  9. proedros
    i also have 252/262 and although an upgrade is not in the near future
    if i had the money/was looking to upgrade now , i would go for either the GR-10 or sth in customs around the 400-500$
    maybe jh-5 ?
    universal-wise though only the GR-10 seems like a really good upgrade imo but of course YMMV
  10. mark2410 Contributor


    translates as
    i have some top end stuff but a want a ton of bass and treble
    i prefer a totally coloured V shaped sound
  11. saisunil Contributor


    I'll look into gr10 ...
    How do you find about jh13 discounts ...

  12. Pianist


    Well, I think you will have to, because there are no universal IEMs that will fit your requirements. And, in fact, I am not even sure that the top customs are really a significant upgrade over the 252/262. Personally, I consider RE252 a reference class headphone.
  13. daveDerek Contributor

    if that translation is correct then perhaps triple.fi 10 pros or w3s might be appealing choices.

    there were a couple of threads about jh audio having a black friday sale and they posted it on twitter. i suppose you could contact jh audio periodically and see if they are on the verge of having a sale, or just routinely check their facebook page or watch head-fi.  there's also the iem deals alert thread:
  14. Pianist
    So which headphones do you own or listened to that gave you those things?
  15. saisunil Contributor
    I have recabled AKG 701s and HE-5s as reference ...
    I do have PS1000 they have ample air on top - but are quite colored

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