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Upgrade from HE-400 to HE-500 : Audioquest Dragonfly enough to drive it well ?

  1. tiesto141141
    Hi !
    As i'm unhappy with my HE-400 (or may it be defective), i'll ask for a refund and buy the HE-500 instead. I already have an Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC with it (for listening from my macbook pro), i saw in Jude's review that it can drive well the HE-400, Audeze LCD2 and 3 , but not very well the HE6, but can it drive well the HE-500 ?
    Thanks !
  2. tiesto141141
  3. nicdub
    although you're question is older, i thought that i would offer my experience, for those who may look at this thread in the future.
    is the AQD ideal for the HE-500?  No.  Does it still sound good?  Yes.  A better amp section, even something like the Schiit Magni, will help tighten everything up.  however, i felt the AQD actually sounded surprisingly good on its own, imho.

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