Upgrade From Fiio E17? (DAC+AMP, main usage for Laptop...)
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Aug 3, 2012
Hey Everyone,
since quite some time now, I#m using my Fiio e17 and my netbook as my main (trans -) portable source!
'bout half a year ago, or so i purchased a Hippo Cricri+ and was immediately blown away! compared to my Fiio E17, it felt alot more lively and due to the higher sparkle in the high end, detail reception is ALOT better! There's just one little concern about that: my ears tend to get fatigued alot faster, due to the (sometimes a little too bright) Sound!
So what i basically want is something that has the same sound Signature as the E17 and overall better details and highs and a little tighter bass than the E17, wich tends to get a bit "boomy" sometimes, compared to the Cricri+...
btw it would be Nice if it would work on Android devices, but it doesn't really have to!
I Would use it Mainly with IEM's/Portables... (Klipsch X10, Vsonic Gr07, V-Moda M80's, Senny HD 25's)

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