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May 30, 2007
Well, the cable is cracked on my e4cs, and i was wondering if people here could point me towards an upgrade

You did a fine job recommending the e4cs, but i want a better pair now, mainly for more bass if i'm honest.

Anyway, i mostly listen to drum and bass atm (i know, i know), and some jazz, some acoustic, a little rock, a little classical

My price limit is around 200, and i dont want to go into customs, also, I don't yet have an amp, and am planning to drive them straight from my ipod nano 2nd gen, as well as my computer.

So, i found:

triple.fi 10s on amazon uk for 205 (Amazon.co.uk: Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 - Professional Grade In Ear Headphones Blue: Electronics & Photo)

se530 for 220 Amazon.co.uk: Shure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones: Electronics & Photo

Are there others that i should be looking at?

With the 2 shure headphones ive had (e2c, e4c) the cable has cracked over the ear, and i'm not impressed, which is why the replaceable cable in the triple.fis makes sense.

I see there was a thread with about a 44% rate of cracking in the e500, has this been solved with current se530s?

I did like the sound of my e4cs, apart from what i feel is lacking bass, the comfort was very good. I am slightly worried that the triple.fis will be uncomfortable, even with the flip-side mod.

I realise that the bass in the 530s is "bigger" than in the triple.fis, but the wire problem is offputting.

Whereas im worried that the triple.fis wont have enough bass, wont be comfortable.

Anyway, thats quite a long post, i apologise if i repeated myself a little.

Thanks in advance for useful replies

And yes, i'm sorry, this triple.fi vs se530 has been done to death, i apologise, I've read through many sources on the net, as well as a few threads here, but I would trust the general opinion here based on my information i have given

Also, if anyone could recommend an amp to go with these, id appreciate it, I havent even started looking at amps
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Lack of bass? Wow, I actually think if my E4cs had anymore it would be overkill.

I must not be a bass-head.

I've heard a bunch of IEMs but I'm still happy with the E4cs, which is saying something because I normally have the insatiable urge to upgrade.

I hope my cable doesn't crack, I've had mine for almost 2 years and thank god it hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, upgrade recommendations, Triple.fi 10s are nice.

Another one to check out it is the Westone UM2, although I actually haven't heard this one, I haven't heard anyone who was disapointed with them.
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thanks for the recommendation, have you heard the triple.fis to compare them to the e4cs?

My cable cracked over the ear after about 11months, may have started cracking earlier and i didnt notice

I know the e4cs probably have enough bass, but i just want more for the types of music i listen to now

Anyway, thanks for the reply
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Yeh, the se530s would be the logical choice, seeing as i like the shure sound, and want more bass.
I'm just really worried about yet another problem with the cable, which is why the triple.fis are appealing to me as much as they are
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I went your exact route (e2c > e4c > se530) and the additional low end that the se530s bring is *more* than welcome. They are great sounding and very comfortable. Regarding the cable: I'm onto my 3rd set as first two both cracked and split within 6 months. Am now on a pair that were made in March 08 with the mythical "new compound" cable and, so far, no stiffening or problems at all. Fingers crossed, Shure might have finally fixed it.
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I definitely think the E530 would be the one you're looking for. I thought they did a fix on the cable issue on that one, but I could be wrong. I've had mine for a year and no issues at all. I've even wrapped the cable around the ipod regularly
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I think that the 530s are only available in bronze, the blackness in some photos is just a trick of the light. Difference in price there is between Amazon's own price and those offered by their linked-to resellers. Don't think you'll regret getting them, I'm still surprised sometimes by just how good they can sound. Also, IMO with a decent source (and some eq) there is no need for an amp with the 530s at all.
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Well, I've ordered the SE530s, due to arrive tomorrow

Gotta last through all the comments about money im going to get now :p
Ah well, not alot i can do now about it.

Hope they sound good!
Thanks a bunch for all your help

One last question, then i promise i will vacate this area of wisdom

I have an EU ipod nano 2nd gen, and all of my music gained to 89 using mp3gain, will it be loud enough, or will i need to undo the gain changes?

EDIT: received them today, had to go down and pick them up since the delivery driver couldnt find my house

Anyway, they sound fantastic, im still getting used to their sound though. Bass is certainly better, and comfort is on-par with the e4s, which i could wear for hours at a time, so thats good
The volume is greater than that of the e4s, at the same ipod setting, in case anyone stumbles across this in a search

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