Upgrade for the Shozy 1.1 <$150 work with BT20s for comfort
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Jan 24, 2020
Hello amazing hive mind of the head-fi forum. I have been kicking around here for a while and I’ve dipped my toe into the water. Shozy form 1.1 and KZ S1. I have a pair of Blon-bl03 coming but are in shipping hell, 3 weeks and still stuck in HK, What? Not sure if the Chinese New Year has anything to do with it.

The Shozy 1.1 has blown me away, I need to use it with the BT20S as I use the iem’s with power tools so comfort and seal is needed with the Bluetooth adapter. Not sure if bullet style will work with this?

While the Shozy is amazing, I’m very curious as to how much better it can be? I have a budget of around $150 and now I’m in decision paralysis! Looking for something that has a little bit more elevated Bass, but good with mids and not too intense on the treble as I find the Shozy a tad sibilant, not crazy sibilant but on some high hats it just get a bit intense on loud volumes. I listen to classic and modern Rock, Hip Hop, Metal and a lot of Podcasts.

My list at the moment is:
- Thieaudio Voyager 3
- Tri i3 (affordable h40?)
- Shuoer Tape (QC still a thing?)
- Shozy 1.4

Should I save for one of these
- Oriolus Finschi
- ISN H40

Looking for something interesting for my next purchase and something to move up from the Shozy 1.1. If anyone has any opinions on these that would be amazing to hear.

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