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{Updated Price} Sony WM1Z + EE Legend X + EA Eros II 8-wire + Extras!!!

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  1. Neilsoto30
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    I have a Sony wm1z in great condition ($2400). It also comes with a Benks TPU case that is in excellent condition ($30), a Dignis Alcantara case that is in excellent condition ($150), a sony silicone case that came with it when I bought it, the Benks Magic curved edge glass screen protector ($40), and a 200gb Sandisk memory card. I'm also selling my IEMs. I would prefer to sell all in one package. They are the Empire Ears Legend X in excellent condition ($2299). They come with the Effect Audio cable that is included when purchased, the Ares II. I bought them brand new about 9 months ago. I also have a Cayin 4mm adapter that is in excellent condition ($50), and a Campfire audio black leather case that is in excellent condition ($50). Additionally, I'm selling an Effect Audio Eros II+ 8-wire cable with the PSquared 2.5mm termination ($650). The prices posted were new, just to give a reference of what the item it is when searching. I have some Final audio ear tips that I purchased in sizes small, medium, and extra small. I'm selling my setup because I bought a car with an excellent sound system, and I don't find myself using my mobile setup much anymore. I'm taking offers for everything. The entire setup costs about $6100 with taxes included, but I'm reasonable. All the items are in excellent condition and are completely authentic. I took excellent care of my setup and purchased everything except the wm1z brand new. I spared no expense. No low ball offers, please. I've done a few pricey sales on here. I will not under any circumstances play games with you or your money; I know how hard it is to earn. This setup could be someone's dream mobile setup. TBH it really sounds excellent. I'm located in NYC. I would prefer a local pickup to avoid PayPal costs, but the choice is yours. I will pay shipping fees. Also, the Sony is uncapped.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  2. Neilsoto30
    20190616_215451.jpg 20190616_215528.jpg 20190616_215636 1.jpg 20190616_215652.jpg 20190616_215659.jpg 20190616_215715.jpg 20190616_215726.jpg 20190616_215732 1.jpg 20190616_215744.jpg 20190616_215836.jpg 20190616_215930.jpg 20190616_221331.jpg
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  3. Neilsoto30
  4. Neilsoto30
  5. Erfan Elahi
    I see your collection in excellent condition and you keep dropping price. I don't need to buy any of your listing at the moment. But considering generally for other buyers, may be you could get more money if you could sell them separately...
  6. Neilsoto30
    Good piece of advice. I'm definitely gonna take it. Thanks a ton.
  7. Erfan Elahi
    yes but you will see it's a long run process you will probably end up with Legend X as the first sales, and others slowly, slowly… But in the end, good money :) Good luck...

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