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[UPDATED] Best sub $50 IEM from mainstream brands @UAE for Rock music

  1. XmarX
    Hi guys !
    I got a $40 Amazon gift coupon from AMD and planning to buy an IEM to replace my damaged Samsung IEM I got with my mobile phone. I need to pay the shipping, aprox. $16.7 from the coupon. So, the effective amount I got is around $23.3 !
    I listen to rock, U2, Coldplay, Daughtry, Audioslave...etc !
    And I like clear sound and above average bass but I HATE BRITTLE TREBLE, makes me gnash my teeth away !
    So, which is best choice for me !
    BTW, here are the contenders
    1. Jlabs J3
    Bad: shrill treble ?
    2. Meelec M6
    Bad: recessed mids
    3. JVC HA FX 51 Micro HD
    Please post your recommendations !
    Thanks !!
    4. Altec Lansing UHP 206 Backbeat
    Bad: ?
    5. JVC Marshmallow
    Bad: Muddy bass ?

    I lost my Jlabs Jbuds J3 and I'm looking for a sub $50 IEM from Dubai (UAE) !
  2. dziendobry
    From your list, since you can't get the FX51 then go for the J3, good balanced sound, well built, good Customer service through their website.
  3. TChia
    If you can throw in a few extra dollars, I would recommend the Brainwavz Beta.
  4. XmarX
    Thanks man !
    Let me try ordering the FX 51 and if it doesn't work, I would be getting the J3 :)
    quote name="TChia" url="/t/576198/best-24-iem-for-rock-music-from-amazon-at-40-shipping-to-uae#post_7828659"] If you can throw in a few extra dollars, I would recommend the Brainwavz Beta.
    Thats the problem, money :rolleyes:
    If I had the cash, I would be getting the Headdirect RE 0 which available in my country :p

    BTW, if I wait till Nov 25 Black Friday, would I get some good deals ?
    I've tried many 'Lightning' deals before but none of the sellers are willing to ship UAE !!

    So, what should I do ?
    Should I wait ?
  5. XmarX
    Ok, I got the Jlabs Jbuds J3 from Amazon !
    Didn't like it !
    I can't 'feel' there is any treble (I mean high freqs.) on it, kind of a big let down. Also felt that even the EP-630 is better than the J3 interms of treble :xf_eek:

    Anyway, thanks for the recommendations guys !

    BTW, I lost the J3 on my way back from college => new IEMs are due !! :)
    My brother is workin @Dubai and he has promised me to get an IEM for me from there !

    I guess there ( Dubai ), only IEMs from mainstream brands are available...Sony, JVC, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Logitech...etc !

    So, which is the best bet for rock music out of these brands ?
    Max budget ~ $50 (can raise if its worth it !)

    Should I go for the JVC HA FX 51 Micro HD
  6. jaqueh
    sennheiser cx500
  7. XmarX
    Is it 'better' than the JVC one ?
  8. jaqueh


    no i don't think so, i have never tried the jvc's, but the cx500s arent reallly spectacular
  9. XmarX

    Ok !

    BTW, is it better than CX-300 ?
  10. jaqueh


    don't ever get the cx300
  11. XmarX
    Thanks for the tip ! :)
  12. XmarX
    So, CX-500 is the best IEM for 50 bucks ?

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