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UPDATE2: My Denon AH-D7000 (stock, like new) for LCD-2 (rev2) or HE-500

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by mhoe, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. MHOE
    For Trade
    My D7000 have been used for about 10 months since I bought them at a store in the Czech republic as brand new. They are in a near-perfect condition (will post images if there is anyone really interested in this trade) and I will include box and all the accesories that came with the phones.
    These denons are very exciting "real hi-fi" phones when paired with a good neutral amp/DAC as stock, the bass drives all genres incredibly well and makes music sound enjoyable. You can get them even better when using Lunatique's EQ curve to neutralise them (mids + highs, see my signature). I am using Nugen SEQ1 Master EQ with "Maximum" quality setting along with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) mode and I cannot hear any sort of distortion, just close-to-neutral sound without destroying what is great about these cans.
    They sound exactly the same as in the first day. No change in comfort as well. The build quality is excellent and those revolving joints connecting headband with each headphone ensure that they fit excellent on everyone's head. I do listen to music with the phones for hours everyday and feel no fatigue - extremely comfortable :)

    I am open to specific offers :) For example, I can add Fiio E11 amp with two batteries for free... The amp is excellent for its price (really! + near-to-zero output impedance) but will add a bit of emphasis to the bass (this is something that you maybe don't want) but without influencing the other frequencies. I am not using it anymore just because I don't need a portable amp, that's it.
    The reason for wanting to trade D7000 is that I would like to have a pair of open-back headphones (and don't have the money to keep both headphones) :)
    I am only interested in:
    1) LCD-2 with a valid frequency response graph so no mods please and stock cable is prefered,
    2) or Hifiman HE-500 (prefered with both new pads), stock cable is also prefered.
    Thanks very much in advance! Please feel free to PM me with any question... I am going to wait a bit to give anyone a chance to think about or make an offer.
  2. MHOE
    Updated the thread and posted an image. Will add another if anyone got interested...
  3. alex6296
    Sorry I hit my PM limit. I was asking what your ballpark price for selling the 7000's was.
  4. MHOE
    Well, it depends... I would like to get LCD-2 rev.2 and my D7000 are in a like-new condition, so something around 750 - 800 dollars (but it's just a quick estimation)? If really interested, you would need to wait a few days.
    I see you are interested in HD650 phones as well... D7000 have different sound signature, hope you're aware of :)
  5. MHOE
    Another update ,-)
  6. nassq8
    could you check you box?
  7. nassq8
    please email me as i hit the PM limits
  8. MHOE
    What's your e-mail address, please? Will do :)
  9. MHOE
    Offers from the others still welcome!
  10. nassq8
    my gmail is in the first PM to you.  please PM you email so that i can complete the information required. 
  11. MHOE
    E-mail sent :)
  12. negramurcia
    are you interested by a GS1000i??
  13. MHOE
    Thanks for your offer but already closed :)
  14. vc1187
    So you got the Rev.2 or the HE-500?
    I sure do love my HE-500, and I wouldn't trade it for virtually ANYTHING!
  15. MHOE
    None of them... I am selling D7000 and then most probably purchasing HE-500 inside the EU. Most probably.
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