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UPDATE: Please recommend me comfy Earbuds for my daily exercise

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by denon2010, Feb 17, 2011.
  1. Denon2010
    After having a taste of the HD555 outside in the Caribbean Sun I have decided that what people think about its looks is the least of my problems. This thing is making me sweat like crazy.
    Very uncomfortable its pads are soaked in sweat. So I guess I now have to learn to like these earbuds by force.
    Can you guys recommend me some earbuds?
    I was looking at these Sony earbuds since they are only $28 and they got good reviews on Amazon
    What do you guys think? also I am ordering my Sandisk Sansa MP3 Clip player. If you guys know of a better player feel free to suggest to me.
    This mp3 player and earbuds is for my exercise in the park as I have to lose 70 pounds.
    Guys I dislike those earbuds and I was thinking of using my HD555 to walk in the park since I have started my new diet and lifestyle. I have to loose 70 pounds to get back in shape.But I am afraid of what people will think. Maybe the HD555 is waaaaay to big yeah?
    What can you guys recommend me?
    Don't wanna go spend over $50 wanna keep it at that budget I am using a SANSA MP3 CLIP player
  2. Shiner27
    How's about a Koss KSC75 or a PortaPro?  Those are both well under your budget and should work well.  I use my KSC75's exclusively for the gym and I think they're great.
  3. ssavage
    Sony MDRXB1000! lol 70mm drivers
  4. Region2
    The HD555 sounds crazy, just because they're open, but if people have seen photoed walking around with K1000s then you should be fine with your HD555.
    But if you're more focused on looks than sound, I guess you can always look towards those Beats.
  5. Speedv1
    For me my workout phones are just MeElec M6. Honestly between the clatter of weights, the rush of the wind, etc etc I find that audio quality isn't extremely critical. I mean the M6 are good phones, I would say, especially because I got them for $7 :D. Also the around & in-ear approach of the M6s keeps them in place.
    ^ That was more of a sidenote for others, but I do realize that you said that you dislike the earbud style phones. So I would agree with getting a phone like Ksc75 (as mentioned above). It's a small real estate phone, that sounds good enough for when you're huffing and puffing lol.
  6. duheee
    The HD555 is not as big as some other headphones. If you are looking for looks over sound quality, then i don't think Head-Fi is the right place for you. If people laugh at you, so be it, you should be laughing at them when they are wearing their Beats that are 3 times more expensive, and have 2 times worse sound quality. Honestly, it doesn't really matter what other people think of you if you are happy with what you are listing to. Their thoughts are of no consequence to you.
    Good luck loosing weight.
  7. wind016
    Don't do it. You don't want to look sweaty AND goofy. Clip ons no go?
  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Don't worry about it. Listen to what you want to listen to. If anything, someone might stop you to ask what they are.

    And good luck with the weight loss. I went through that a few years back. Keep a close watch on calories, that was what really made the difference. I took in less than I used and the pounds came off mathematically. Usually shorted myself around 1,000 calories a day (you get used to it) and that took off two lbs. a week since 3,500 calories is one pound. These days, I'm careful not to go over the amount of calories I need. The weight stays off.
  9. Speedv1
    ACTUALLY I want to kind of adjust my input. I totally forgot about the "behind-the-neck" headphones.. and well, those are perfect for athletic purposes. Anyone know any good ones for the OP? I don't have any experience with them.. but they seem to be on a lot of joggers ears lol.
  10. Katun
    Fix this, and this thread would be of no use to you.
    But, if they did *think* something, I would assume below:
  11. estreeter
    First the purple dinosaur Grados, now this. Imagine the two of them walking through the park with gold lame jumpsuits and goofy grins on their faces - really only need a pair of toy poodles to complete the look.
  12. tibble89
    Personally be more worried about how comfy they'd be to walk in and if they'd cause you to sweat more etc
    Think it sucks when people are too style concious, I'm sure most people here would wear something big and "ugly" which is better than headphones like "Beats" etc.
    Just do what you wanna do and ignore people. It will only bother you if you're worried..
  13. sysfail
    People will laugh if you walk by them listening to silly music because they will hear what you're listening too. [​IMG]
  14. torifile
    You can't wear the HD555 when working out. You just can't. Please don't do it.

    I've got a pair of those behind the neck Sennheisers that I use when I run. They are perfect for physical activity. And they're cheap.
  15. pekingduck


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