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Upcoming DAP from xDuoo - the X10!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redjohn456, Oct 16, 2016.
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  1. Peertux
    I just bought the X10 for 110 euros from tomtop.
    Its on discount for 138 euros and the "WX10" code made it 110 euro. [​IMG] 
  2. Thomas De Brito
    that's nice, prices go down fast lets hope one day we will be able to buy it for 70 euros like the xduoo x3
  3. Peertux

    As soon as gearbest starts selling them with discount coupons they will probably go fur much less, yes.
  4. Thomas De Brito
    That will surely be in February or during Chinese new year
  5. mrjimmybob
    Rather in a hurry I went and ordered a xDuoo X10 on eBay. Totally missed the offer, and paid $167.
    I had settled on buying a FiiO X5ii after choosing between that and the iBasso DX80. But after seeing the xDuoo X10 I thought I could save a bit on money and not lose out so much on the music quality.
    I previously had a FiiO X1 (first generation) which I liked quite a lot but wanted to step up a notch without braking the bank.
    My budget was at most $300.
    Now, I don't know if I have made a mistake.
    I can't go and get a FiiO X5ii to test them side by side, so I will have to test it when it comes and follow my gut. If I don't like it I will probably sell it with a loss on eBay.
    After reading many reviews I chose the FiiO X5ii for a more fun and less analytical signature. I will have to wait and see. When it arrives I will post a review.
    I will be primarily using a pair of Kef M200, Senheisser Momentums in ear, Audio Technica IM50, Sennheiser CX 985 and the Senheisser Momentums Over Ear (first edition).
    Nice thread, keep up the posts.
    Bellyworshipper likes this.
  6. waynes world
    I bought one of these to tie me over until that happens:
  7. peter123

    Me too, we're nuts :wink:
  8. Thomas De Brito
    Every Walnut dac should come with a Walnut attached to it. I am getting mine this week
  9. Tokyoghoul
    Is there a case for this dap?
  10. Dexter22
    I did the same with X3 last year, and paid 100 plus, Now I "may" get 50 if I sell out on eBay. :wink:
  11. ksatayboy
    Hmm.. will this be a significant upgrade from my phone?

    I need to justify a 150$ investment hahahaha

    Student here
  12. RedJohn456
    Depends on which phone you are talking about. 
  13. Dexter22
    and depends upon what your preferences about sound are. My friend listened to my x3, and my iPhone 5, and he said iPhone was smoother and "better"! He didn't notice the better control over the bass on x3, or the treble extension, or instrument scaling. What he liked was the better midforward signature iPhone gave, which is decent in another way. Some times, I too feel some songs better on the phone. So, if you are happy with you're current device look no further, enjoy your playlist. I had situations in the past when I already had some sound system which was satisfactory and traded it up for the "better" reviewed stuff and ended up loosing some rare vintage amps/speakers!
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  14. pr0b3r
    Here: http://penonaudio.com/XDuoo-X10-Leatherette-Case
    Maybe if you buy the X10 from them, they can give a free case.  Not sure though.  Or if a certain amount from purchase is met.
  15. gravicap

    Stop while you still can. There is no way back [​IMG]
    Do you have good enough earphones to plug in? You won't feel dramatic difference with mediocre earphones.
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