Upcoming DAP from xDuoo - the X10!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by redjohn456, Oct 16, 2016.
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    I don't know what you can try next. So sorry I couldn't be of any help.
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  3. seanwee
    So my father bought an Opus 1 Metal edition from massdrop and i have been comparing it with my own xduoo x10.

    So far i find that the Opus has a larger soundstage but the X10 has better instrument separation. Detail retrieval is the about the same on both devices. Bass is tigher and cleaner on the X10 , mids are more forward too but the Opus 1 has more sparkly highs.

    Overall in terms of sound quality i find that the Opus is just a side grade to the X10 which says a lot for the x10 considering the price gap.
  4. seanwee
    My sister also got a Cayin N3 cuz her Fiio X1 died.

    The Cayin and X10 are about the same price but the X10 is definitely a few steps above it in terms of sound quality. Even the X3 is better than the N3 in this aspect.

    The N3 sounds muddy and dark coming from the X10. Details are lacking , instrument separation is indistinct, bass is loose , mids are ok but the highs sound rolled off.

    However the N3 comes with a bit more features like USB DAC functionality, EQ and Bluetooth with APT-X .

    Personally i would consider this a clear win for the X10 as my main priority when choosing a dap is the sound quality.
  5. Holypal
    Xduoo X20 has all the features I need:
    2.5mm balanced output
    two way Bluetooth
    line-out and digital Coax output
    Only buttons

    It uses ESS9018 dac chip, not sure 9018S or 9018K2M.

    Well, X20 only has one SD card slot. The Bluetooth function takes away the other slot.
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  6. seanwee
    Yay to usb dac fucntion , bluetooth and sabre chip.

    Urgh to only 1 micro sd slot. I would gladly trade the bluetooth for another slot tbh.
  7. artnoi
    How bad is X10's non-gapless playback? I listen to Pink Floyd a lot yet I'm fine with X3's non-gapless playback while I'm on-the-go.

    I'm currently running Rockbox on X3 with Fiio A5 amp but after considering the many design flaws the player (X3) has e.g. clipping at 0dBFS, pitch error on stock FW, high noise floor on RB, I just want to use another DAP. No one wants to live with poorly designed items right?

    And speaking of output, does the X10 clip at maximum volume like X3 does?

    My headphones are very insufficient so I have to crank the volume up while at the same time limit it to 95-98 on stock X3 (-10dB to -2dB on Rockbox), and so X3's clipping at 100 (or 0dB) frustrated me a lot. Not that I listen to deafening level but my music is just quiet.

    From what I read from X3's and X10's measurements, they are equally powerful, with lower THD and IMD on the X10.
  8. seanwee
    Im not sure about the non gapless feature as the first half second of each song is cut anyways. So its essentially useless to have gapless. However if there is a blank half second in front of each song its almost gapless.

    Now concerning output. The X10 has line out that works perfectly fine. Owning an X3, i know the line out clips at max volume but i suspect that is because of rockbox.
  9. artnoi
    A YouTube video says signal clips on both headphone jack and line out port if the volume hits 100% and it’s because of the hardware. I assume the PSU couldn’t supply enough power at 100% volume.
    Rockbox has nothing to do with the clipping but it’s making X3 hiss on sensitive IEMs. I use Fiio A5 with my X3 and can’t detect any hiss when using either DT880 or K7XX so I guess the hiss is very quiet on these cans, and because the fact that it is there when using sensitive IEMs, it should also be here when using my less sensitive cans too, but I just can’t hear it. And I think hiss noise will raise the undesirable THD+N level.
  10. seanwee
    Sensitive iems usually refer to pairs with less than 16 ohms impedance and/or above 115db/mw sensitivity
  11. artnoi
    Yup. The IEMs mentioned were my JH Audio's Michelle. I sold my Michelle earlier this month.
    I just wanted to point that when using JH Michelle, it did hiss. But with less sensitive cans, say, my current ones, it does not hiss.
  12. seanwee
    The X10 may have slightly better specs on paper for the DAC but its sound is much better than the X3 due to a higher quality op-amp.

    The X10 reportedly has even less output impedance compared to the X5 3rd gen.

    Personally i would put the X10 a step above the Fiio X5 3rd gen in terms of sound.

    My only gripe with the X10 is the lack of an equaliser :frowning2:
  13. artnoi
    Yup. IMHO Xduoo DAPs excel in great measurements. Both X3 and X10 on the papers are very great sources, low distortion regardless of load impedance, low noise floor, low output impedance. But they always have flaws that resulted from their carelessness e.g. X3’s playback and pitch error and clipping issue, X10’s playback error, UI glitches
  14. jj69
    Anyone here have the X10T transport? Trying to find out ifr it supports gapless playback of FLAC through the coax or AES outs??

    Would love a review!
  15. timb5881
    I suspect that it may not do gapless , the regular X10 does not. The X10T is basicly an X10 with out an internal dac.

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