Unreasonably looking for a DAC to suit further upgrading
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Sep 10, 2013
Hey all,
Im looking in the near future to upgrade some of the source of my current audio system and to downsize my computers physical footprint and ongoing power usage, and so the Xonar is likely to become excluded.
Thus my thoughts turned to replace it with a DAC.
Current setup:
Computer output (CD>FLAC/mp3/youtube/increasingly Google Play/whatever) > Xonar D2x > SVS PB1000 sub crossed at 80hz > Swan T200B
Computer output (CD>FLAC/mp3/youtube/increasingly Google Play/whatever) > Xonar D2x > Shure SRH440
Eventual long term plan is to augment the system with something like the now discontinued Emotiva UMC-200 for a small HT setup.
Existing Swan T200B's as Fronts | Existing Swan D1080 MKII as Rears | Purchase an additional active speaker as a center | Existing PB1000 as sub.
Current budget is <$1k AUD, as usual the cheaper the better. 
Looking to find something that is diverse for its inputs, probably optical, coaxial, usb and an aux input.
If it was suitable as an headphone amp also thats a bonus (for when i eventually buy some new headphones), or act as a network renderer also like an Auralic Aries, so i could remove the computer element too it'd be extra awesome.
I was looking at the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies for a while, but decided they were too expensive when the primary goal is a DAC, not an Amp - that being said, if there is an option that is aesthetically pleasing as the fireflies, it'd be extra icing on the cake. Ive read up stacks on units like the Bifrost, and have information overload from the stacks of models/brands...
I know im asking far too much of the budget, and im not expecting to get everything for this however, at least start down the path with probably the DAC element.
Also happy to be told its a stupid idea and to go in another direction.
Thanks all
- scottath.
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Sep 1, 2011
The Xonar D2X comes with a nice DAC chip.
I would say to keep using a decent sized computer case, that will fit the Xonar D2X and connect your future 5.1 setup directly to the D2X.
Maybe get a older FiiO E17 or newer E17K and connect it to the D2X's S/PDIF optical/coaxial output and your headphones to the E17(K).
This will leave a lot leftover in your audio budget for headphones.

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