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Unofficial: Schiit DIY Coaster Amp

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by Rensek, Jul 6, 2018.
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  1. Rensek
    Greetings, this is the unofficial thread for all things related to Schiits DIY Coaster Amp. To everyone interested in creating or using low performance amps made from leaky coasters, without company support, we hope this can be the place where folks share ideas, progress, and results, & give assistance to their fellow Schiitheads.

    The goal early on will be to consolidate as much coaster amp info as we can from the main Schiit thread.

    Welcome - assistance and participation appreciated.

    Edit - Disclaimer Taken From Jasons last official comment on the coaster.

    So How Do You Build This Thing?

    First, a disclaimer. We have applied this disclaimer, I think, pretty much to every chapter. We have applied it on the product page. And on the downloads page. But it bears repeating again:

    We are not experts at DIY. We do not sell parts, and cannot provide support for your build. Literally any other company doing DIY will do it better than us. If you aren’t a moderate to advanced DIYer, it’s probably bestto use these coasters as, well, just coasters.

    Here are the links you need:

    Coaster boards:schiit.com/products/coaster
    Schematic and BOM: schiit.com/coaster

    PLEASE TAKE THE ABOVE WARNING TO HEART. I hope to build a coaster amp someday so I am consolidating info as time allows from the main Schiit thread

    This thread took off before I got the all chapters quouted. Jasons coaster chapters have been pasted In order on posts 87, 88, 89, & 90.

    I will be working to add his non indexed coaster posts as edits to the chapters they are apart of.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  2. RCBinTN
    Subscribed. Thanks for the new, fun thread.
  3. Paladin79
    IMG_2803.JPG Here is a test board, an IC socket cut in half has the proper hole spacing for the coaster amp. So far I have five matched pairs of tubes. I may supply some down the road to those who do not want to purchase five or more tubes in order to get a matched set.
  4. the finisher
    Subbed, should be fun.
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  5. Paladin79
    IMG_2804.JPG Here are the six smallest transistors, three per board with a 3.5 mm connector laying across the boards for reference. This might help you understand why a magnifier light is useful. I pre-tin the pads and then measure for continuity once I have soldered the parts in place. Keeping an extra board near by for reference on the etching pattern helps. If your soldering iron tip is about the size of the 3.5 mm tip, I wish you luck soldering these. My technique is to hold the part in tweezers or long nose pliers in my right and and solder with my left, at least one leg. I am right handed. This is not easy but if you get past this stage all the parts are a bit bigger except for the LED's.
  6. Paladin79
    IMG_2805.JPG One last photo and this is a fairly important one if you cannot read a schematic. I have marked diode polarity, standard diodes have a bracket around the cathode end but the LED's are unmarked on the boards as best I can tell, thus I have marked the boards. On these particular LED's there are tiny green dots on the cathode end. D102 and D202. Find the center of the board and go straight to the left and straight to the right, those led's are the last parts facing up and down. Hopefully anyone who attempts this is not a first time DIYer, if you are, I hope you enjoy them as coasters. I mean that in the nicest possible way.:)
  7. JohnnyCanuck
  8. sam6550a
    Subscribed. I build a lot of DIY stuff, but the very small SMT devices exceed the pixel resolution of my Mark I Type 2 eyeball. At 3/4 century old, I will stay with [mostly] thru-hole technology.
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  9. Paladin79
    Thru hole is much easier by far. A gentleman on here was asking about class A speaker amps earlier in case you have any recommendations, The Finisher is his id. I am building some myself but they are ten watt monoblocks and I am figuring them out as I go, they are not your standard kit build.
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  10. CAPT Deadpool
    I sub’d too.
  11. riffrafff
    Buncha sub-versives 'round here. :ksc75smile:
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  12. Paladin79
    And many who want to be.:)
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  13. CAPT Deadpool
    Deleted. i see now
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  14. the finisher
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  15. Paladin79
    Yes black marks on all diode locations
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