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Universal IEM recommendations around $200?

  1. Saeglopur
    I just tried the Campfire Audio Comets today and wasn't really into them. They sounded nice but for my listening they just didn't do much for me.

    I listen to a lot of post rock, occasional EDM and a variety of other genres.
    I'm looking for something in the $200 range or cheaper, I think I'm looking for a slightly warmer and/or bassier IEM than the Comet. I'm not a super bass head but I appreciate a little more oomph.
    Ideally something I don't need an amp for as well

    I'm brand new to the IEM world and still a noob in general so hopefully this is enough info
  2. Will Chiu
    Try ibasso it01.
  3. serman005
    You might also check into a ZS10--it is a terrific value as well. Good bass, too.
  4. Saeglopur
    I'll check it out, need something cheap for snowboarding too so that might fit the bill for that
  5. Saeglopur
    I'll look into it thanks!
  6. BananaOoyoo
    Could try the TFZ King Pro as well, or perhaps the Pinnacle P1/PX.
  7. surfgeorge
    I have the P1 and while I enjoy it's detailed and neutral sound I'd certainly not put it in the warm and "a bit bassy" range.
    Actually I would also be very interested in an IEM at or below 200 that comes closer to the sound I am getting from my AudioQuest NightOwls and NightHawks.

    Dark and warmish, open and detailed. Very musical...
  8. BananaOoyoo
    Neither the King Pro nor the P1/PX are warm in my opinion. I remember them both being V-shaped?
  9. surfgeorge
    IMHO P1 is rather flat, but treble can be a bit too much depending on source and tips. With Comply tips and Mojo it's detailed and smooth. But not warm.
  10. harry501501
    For your tastes I'd agree on the iBasso it01` as they're also a good fit for sports. I reckon the LZA4 are better though for the type of bass and level of warmth you like...but maybe not as secure a fit as the iBasso it01
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