Universal Disc Players.
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May 14, 2012
Hey guys,
so my dad is replacing all his old stereo gear, and we're trying to figure out a relatively easy to use source setup.
He mostly listens to CDs, and I currently have him using Spotify for some extra music.
The stereo is also in the main living area, so the same speakers/amps are also used for TV/Movies etc.
I like the concept of the Oppo BDP-103, which he was also keen on, but it only supports the Tidal music app, not Spotify.
This isn't a complete dealbreaker as he may switch to that, but I was just exploring other options.
I looked at some other offerings like the Cambridge Audio CXU, or the Marantz UD7007.  Both of these seem to offer similar
kinds of specs to the Oppo, but also lack in only supporting limited streaming options.
The question being: are there any of these universal players that do CD/BluRay, act as a DAC, and support Netflix/Spotify?
Or is the oppo the closest and I convince him to get Tidal? (he's currently leeching spotify for free off me cause the spotify family
account is cheaper than one tidal account lol)

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