Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread
Jun 4, 2010 at 10:34 AM Post #1,727 of 3,931

Hey guys,

Anyone knows how much it is for me to 

1 Have a universal IEM remolded and add 1 driver ? 

From Unique Melody of course.

Thanks !

Send them an e-mail and find out - kabang567@hotmail.com;
Jun 5, 2010 at 11:19 PM Post #1,729 of 3,931
New impressions, unless you want to try something out of the ordinary like Mrtomlinson's spraying of an extra acrylic layer to make it just a bit larger. I think for that you gotta go and communicate with them yourself.

Your free refit period is for 60 days after receiving your customs.
Jun 7, 2010 at 1:01 PM Post #1,733 of 3,931
Just received the UE custom cable. And wow, it's a big improvement compared to the stock black cable that comes with the Triple.Fi 10. It's very light, very flexible, excellent buildquality really. 
UM sends a leather pouch with the remolded earphones. They keep the molds though. I sent my impressions in the UE case, but any sturdy case will suffice.
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Read this, guys, and read it carefully. After spending 200$ and having my remolds done with UM, I am trying to negociate with JH again for a remould done with the proper tuning. The colour, fit and artwork are not everything. 

Can you elaborate on this comment? It does not seem to make a lot of sense.
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I don't really know much about customs, as I am still waiting on my first pair (JH13s), but it makes sense to me.  I would imagine JH Audio "tune" every earpiece according to the length of the sound tube, bore, driver placement etc for each persons ear, to obtain optimal sound quality.
I believe there are questions over whether this is done on reshells.
Jun 9, 2010 at 11:27 AM Post #1,737 of 3,931
Yah, while I've sent my Shure 530s to them to have them re-shelled, I feel like we need to be realistic about how a re-shell by a 3rd party could effect the sound and my personal take is that it has the potential to degrade the performance due to changes in the air chambers, driver location, etc.
I think it is great we have this option, but I'd be disinclined to re-shell a high end, finely tuned custom for aesthetic reasons.
On the other hand, this is giving me more mileage from my 530s and giving me better fit (custom vs. universal), and giving me better cables and a nice look too.  And it is certainly a boon for people who want to tinker with their IEMs.
Sorry to hear about your situation with your JHs.  Hope it turns out OK for you.
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This is the bit I'm talking about:
Also, i dont remember who, but someone mentioned it would be easier to reshell these becasue the Xover isnt onside. Which just isnt the case, the output sound tubes on the new jh-3a's are still phase tuned as well, and then phased to to be perfect using the DSP. (side rant: as far as i know reshelling companys dont do any sort of phase tuning using the sound tubes, and are therefor never going to sound as good as the ones coming from jh, so reshelling is a scam i feel.)

The tubes on my remoulded JH13 Pro, sadly, don't even have the same size, shape and angle. The assymetry is quite obvious, you don't have to be an expert to tell the difference.
Jun 9, 2010 at 1:31 PM Post #1,739 of 3,931

The tubes on my remoulded JH13 Pro, sadly, don't even have the same size, shape and angle. The assymetry is quite obvious, you don't have to be an expert to tell the difference.

Did you buy the JH13's used and get them remolded or did you buy them from JH and get them remolded by UM because of the fit?
If they were used, I imagine that the tubes would be different for each individual because of the differences of each person's ear canal.
Jun 9, 2010 at 1:36 PM Post #1,740 of 3,931
I'm not trying to put anyone off from doing remolds. My point is: don't expect the quality of the original products because you would be disappointed. While this is by no means a scam, it isn't the real thing either. The remolds are rather good at giving you an idea about the original product and help you decide whether it's worth spending the big money or not. In my case, the end result showed me the potential of the JH13 Pro but also left me disappointed.  

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