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Unique Melody ME.1

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  1. CFGamescape
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    I purchased these from MusicTeck (U.S. retailer for UM) back in December 2017; it's still under the one-year warranty. Never transported, used exclusively at work (clean, corporate environment). If I had to guess, these have about 600 hours on them.

    Reason for selling: Want to use funds for another (non-audio) purchase. Thus, no trades, please.

    I have the original wooden box with foam (including black box sleeve), warranty card, rubber carry case, adapters, cleaner, and unused tips.

    Currently, I'm using them with the Symbio W tips, which have been my favorite. Will include them and clean with alcohol wipes.

    Shipping via USPS Priority is on me.

    ME1 1.jpg ME1 2.jpg ME1 3.jpg
    ME1 6.jpg ME1 8.jpg ME1 7.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018
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  2. CFGamescape
    Updated with more pics. These are looking for a new home!
  3. CFGamescape
  4. CFGamescape
  5. CFGamescape
  6. CFGamescape
    Bumping this. Fielding any reasonable offers. Thanks!
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