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Unique Melody MASON - 12 driver earphone that came out for Japanese market -accepting BEST OFFER

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Carlsan, Oct 31, 2018.
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  1. Carlsan
    For Sale or Trade
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    Best offer:

    Selling a used pair of the original MASON. This is a 12 driver earphone that came out for the Japanese market.
    These come with the round circular earphone holder, the regular cable, plus a balanced cable.
    Also includes an extra earphone case and some tips. Photos include everything you will get. The balanced cable, attached, has some oxidation toward the ends but that does not impact on sound.

    Mason comes with 12 drivers a side in 4 low, 4 mid, and 4 high configuration. UM tuned the Mason in collaboration with Mix Wave specifically for the Japanese market, though it sounds exceptional to my non-Japanese ears.

    Asking $850

    Also accepting trades - looking for a CA Vega, or full size headphones, Hifiman Ananada or Edition X v.2.

    Shipping is free within the states, but at cost for international delivery..
    Paypal fees are for buyer.

    20181101_224334.jpg 20181101_224341.jpg 20181101_224355.jpg 20181101_224444.jpg 20181101_224458.jpg 20181101_224517.jpg 20181101_224530.jpg 20181101_224540.jpg 20181101_224605.jpg 20181101_224645.jpg 20181101_224725.jpg 20181101_224755.jpg 20181101_224809.jpg 20181101_224850.jpg 20181101_224857.jpg 20181101_224913.jpg 20181101_224914.jpg 20181101_224950.jpg
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  2. Carlsan
    UP. Added photos.
  3. Carlsan
    Bump - price drop.- accepting reasonable offers
  4. Carlsan
    Bump - do the Bump.
  5. Carlsan
  6. Carlsan
  7. Carlsan

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