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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. Ultrainferno
    Thanks man! You'll love the movies.
    And the mason really is great. a lot of people are saying the V8, A18T and Mason V3 are the 3 best of the moment, and I think I have to agree
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  2. Wyville
    I hope I can hear the V3 at some point, and compare to my (coming soon) EE Phantom, which I think will be interesting as well. I understand the V2 had a great natural tonality and it seems that the V3 with copper cable still retains that. (I remember @Cotnijoe explaining that the spirit between the V2 and V3 has remained the same.)
  3. ahmadfaizadnan
    Any update on the tour yet :L3000:
  4. Cotnijoe
    Units are headed off to the 2nd participants. Feel free to email me with any questions!
  5. ahmadfaizadnan
    Awesome! Thanks for the update :dt880smile:
  6. ExpiredLabel
    I received the Tralucent 1plus2.2 not to long ago.I am very much looking forward to comparisons between the three!
  7. loopfreak
    Has anyone announced the winner of the competition (or did I miss something ) ?
  8. ExpiredLabel
    I',m waiting for that as well. I do not believe we missed anything yet.
  9. Cotnijoe
    Hey everyone! It's been a bit quiet around here so I thought I'd spice things up real quick!

    To all the Europeans out there – as promised, the Mason V3 and Mentor V3 Europe tour is finally here!

    To help with the organization of the EU Tour is, the man himself, Mr. Micah Rose (AKA @glassmonkey ) . Just for clarity sake, Micah is not associated with Unique Melody in any way, and is only doing this because he has the misfortune of being a friend of mine and I annoyed him into helping out with this.

    The rules for the tour are basically identical to the Americas tour, so here’s a quick copy and paste of it:

    The rules of the tour are fairly standard. Nothing super crazy going on here:

    1) Each participant is given 2 weeks with the IEM (Don’t be that guy who goes over the audition period)

    2) Each participant is expected to ship the unit off to the next participant in a timely manner (That means no ground shipping that, for some absurd reason, takes 2 months for the package to arrive)

    3) Each participant is expected to post an honest review on the Mason V3 or Mentor V3 product page (I’m not expecting a novel here, but don’t be the guy who clearly put ZERO effort into it)

    Just like with the Americas Tour, we will be doing a special giveaway at the end as well. The prize will be the same as that of the Americas Tour, which will hopefully be announced very soon.

    We’ll be looking to kick off the tour soon and we’re excited for you all to try out the Mason V3 and Mentor V3!

    Click Here to Sign Up for the Tour!

    Happy Spring everyone!
  10. glassmonkey
    Where all the sign-ups at? If you are in it for Europe, hop right on here. This is some good stuff. I can think of some folks who might be interested here: @Takeanidea @Turrican2 @FortisFlyer75 @Jackpot77 @ostewart @DrJeckyl @Layman1 @justrest @Ra97oR @negura @AndrewH13. Are you already in this @Wyville? Some others potentially: @tenedosian @gavinfabl @peter123 @cleg

    Share it with your friends.
  11. ostewart
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
  12. Wyville
    Thanks for organising this! I really want to sign up, but due to circumstances I am not yet sure if I will be able to fit the tour in.
    ostewart likes this.
  13. glassmonkey
    You going to be out of Europe for several months? Apply and we can chat and figure out if you can fit in.
  14. Wyville
    We are moving to a different country later this year (within Europe), but nothing is settled yet. With so much uncertainty I expect the coming months to be very hectic, so I am careful not to commit blindly (out of pure excitement) because I don't want to risk disrupting the tour. I might know more by the end of next week.
    Deezel177 likes this.
  15. SchwarzeWolke
    Count me in! We're also moving within Germany in June but I should be able to do a proper review. My FIBAE 3 from Custom Art will also arrive on monday and it would be a perfect opportunity to see what TOTL IEMS are capable of.
    glassmonkey likes this.
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