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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. glassmonkey
    Don't think I didn't notice. :wink:
  2. Mimouille
  3. Wyville
    Nice review Mim, with some very interesting points that address the questions I had when I first saw them. ie. How convenient is the dual-tone cable really? How does the bass port work in practice?

    Thanks for listing the different tips, btw. I was wondering about the Mandarin tips, but I suspected that they might cause more physical pressure that can get uncomfortable after a while, which you seem to experience. I might still try them at some point, but for the moment the Final tips seem for me to be one of the most comfortable and often best sounding options available.
    Mimouille likes this.
  4. San Man
    I'd be interested in a tour!
  5. Cotnijoe
    Hey everyone. Yes, this is probably the announcement you guys have been waiting for (Get HYPEEE).

    First off, a big thank you to everyone who filled out the survey and gave us some feedback and ideas! Based on the survey, you guys had the most interest in the Mason V3 and the Merlin X. Unfortunately, the Merlin X is off limits! At least for the time being. So I’ll give you all the next best thing I guess…

    I’m excited to announce that we will to kicking off our North American tour of the Mason V3 and Mentor V3 with the European tour to follow!

    mason 300-150.gif mentor 300-150.gif

    The sign up is currently for North Americans only! Unless you enjoy bringing me the pain of having to sort and filter though a bunch of other random sign ups, please wait until I open up sign ups for Europe (I wonder how many of you Europeans will sign up now just to mess with me… …).

    The rules of the tour are fairly standard. Nothing super crazy going on here:

    1) Each participant is given 2 weeks with the IEM (Don’t be that guy who goes over the audition period)

    2) Each participant is expected to ship the unit off to the next participant in a timely manner (That means no ground shipping that, for some absurd reason, takes 2 months for the package to arrive)

    3) Each participant is expected to post an honest review on the Mason V3 or Mentor V3 product page (I’m not expecting a novel here, but don’t be the guy who clearly put ZERO effort into it)

    That about wraps it up – Keepin’ it nice and short! Hopefully you guys enjoyed my mildly passive aggressive and annoying comments along the way. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

    Oh… what’s that? Winner? Yes, of course! Unfortunately, I still can’t say much, and the lab is about to go on break for Lunar New Year, so we’ll announce the winner and prize right as we’re back up and running from the break. Apologies for the timing and delay. In the meantime, you guys are stuck with me.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  6. San Man
    Google docs won't let me open the sign up sheet?

    Says I need permission
  7. ExpiredLabel

    Thank you everyone at Unique Melody for giving this opportunity to the community. I for one will sign up and look forward to putting the v3 against my xba z5!

    Regards(and a top of the hat)
  8. ExpiredLabel
    "You need permission
    This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake."

    In response to your link for the sign up
  9. Cotnijoe
    Sigh... ... classic rookie mistake. I think it should be fixed now. Let me know if there's still issues. Apologies and thanks for letting me know!
  10. ngoshawk
    Eeeeeeexelllleeenntt! Wonderful news! Thanks @Cotnijoe & Unique Melody!
  11. ExpiredLabel
    Signed up with no further issues. Thanks again!
  12. Cotnijoe
    Glad to hear it!
  13. wldcohso
    Please sign me up, I agree to terms. - submitted via form. Sweeeeet! Thank you for this opportunity..
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  14. rantng
    wldcohso likes this.
  15. ahmadfaizadnan
    Really hype for this :ksc75smile:
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