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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. Cotnijoe
    Hey everyone! Thought I'd share a few pics from POTAFES with everyone. The big feature, of course, is the newly released Maven and Mirage as well as their TFAT and ZRDT technologies. More on what exactly those mean soon!

    Hope everyone has a good holiday at home and safe travels!​

    48376918_581354922304758_1297067444648542208_n.jpg 48427852_1983175938417574_1756684801370226688_n.jpg
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  2. Cotnijoe
    Hope everyone's had a great new years and start to 2019!

    Our content creator made a mini January calendar so I thought I'd share with everyone as well as what the image shows.


    Our aerospace-grade 3D metal printing technology heats a very fine titanium power to 2,400C to form each fine layer of the titanium shell. The process is repeated over 1,200 times, bit by bit, to create a hollow, lightweight, yet incredibly durable shell. The hollow, yet reinforced, structure is only possible with the precision of our 3D printers and is machine works at its finest!
  3. Random Lunatic
    I'm very intrigued by these - but have to ask, what connectors do the final versions use? I've seen pictures of the Maven with either a screw-lock connector and a regular 2-pin. The regular 2-pin connector would be a deal-killer for me personally, because of how unreliable it is in all respects.
    Also, is there any plans or possibility for a review sample in EU? I'd love to try these and do a review of them, to see how they do! That and get a pair if they sound as good as they look - as an industrial designer as well as a critic/reviewer I can appreciate the breath of fresh air in the design and material! :)
  4. Cotnijoe
    The Maven utilizes are dual tone cable system, as it's a bit of a higher end model. The Mirage is what uses the 2 pin. I'll look to see if we can get some units to Europe, but it may take a bit as we're still trying to keep up with domestic market orders.
  5. Mimouille
    I have a question : why be innovative with the ope driver on the (relatively) lower end model and keep a classic BA approach on the high end model?
  6. Cotnijoe
    The higher end Maven implements a different technology with our semi-open driver. That specific driver, in a nutshell, works almost as a "noise cancelling" device that gives us a more precise control over the tuning of the high frequency range.

    We should have media material to share with everyone soon that should be more in-depth. I'll be sure to share it with everyone here as soon as I get my hands on the final copies!
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  7. Cotnijoe
    The Maven and Mirage demo units just arrived here in the US so I thought I'd take a few potato phone camera shot for everyone to get a better look.

    49693288_960031224167580_4355214047801507840_n.jpg 49948729_277058836316017_1339737343438880768_n.jpg
    You can see that the carrying cases are different in design. The Maven (left) also utilizes a slightly thicker dual tone cable while the 2 pin cable with the Mirage (right) utilizes a thinner cable that contains the same high quality material as the dual tone cable.

    Another quick shot of the carrying cases.

    A shot of the Mirage. I took this picture specifically to showcase one of the huge benefits of 3D printed titanium. The shell is essentially hollow but reinforced with the titanium structures throughout to allow for an incredibly lightweight shell with no compromise in structural integrity. Titanium in itself is already a very lightweight metal, and this design allows us to take off even more weight. It's a similar concept to building bridges like the golden gate bridge!

    Again, these are my own phone photos from home and are far from professional pics that our lab can put out. Thanks for checking them out anyways!​
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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  8. Mimouille
    I am looking forward this material as I don't understand what you mean :triportsad:
  9. Barra
    Just posted a Mason v3 brief review: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/unique-melody-mason-v3.22880/reviews

    Have to say that I am very impressed... probably the best CEIM that I have ever heard for vocals - male and female. I have been hearing words that I couldn't understand before and hearing voice tricks that the singers use that explain why I haven't been able to understand some of them. That takes a lot of vocal clarity to accomplish. If only I could hear a custom version to see all that it could do as I feel that it has more to give for me in a custom format.

    To be fair, I needed the extended audition to truly hear what this CIEM could do as a typical 10-minute audition probably would lead me to a mediocre impression. I also needed to find the right DAP pairing to make to sound its best. My Sony WM1a sounded dull with it, but adding my C&C BH2 amp in a stack made this CIEM sing. WOW! BIG... POWERFUL... RICH TEXTURING.... MASSIVE SOUNDSTAGE. Do all caps make me look like I am screaming? Oops, probably just listening to my music too loud. :L3000:
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  10. Cotnijoe
    Hey everyone!

    Sorry it's been a bit quiet from me recently. We've been busy planning for CanJam NYC this weekend as well as material that documents the process of how we make our products and what makes our new drivers unique.

    If anyone's headed to CanJam, be sure to stop by and say hi or leave me a quick PM so I know to look out for you!

    _DSC2881 拷贝.jpg
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  11. kubig123
    I’ll be there :ksc75smile:
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  12. Wyville
    Have a listen to those beauties and please do report back to us! :D
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  13. Cotnijoe
    CanJam NYC will be the official debut of the Maven and Mirage as well as the first time the US community will get to try them out!

    For those that won't be fortunate enough to make it, I wanted to share with everyone the introductory material to the technologies that go into the newest members of the UM Lineup. Here's a few of the highlights from the full presentation.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to provide you with a response as soon as I can!

    Maven&Mirage.jpg Maven Spec.jpg Maven Driver.jpg Maven TFAT.jpg TFAT2.jpg Mirage.jpg Mirage Driver.jpg Mirage Driver 2.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  14. Cotnijoe
    Saved for later...
  15. Wyville
    Oh yes please, do share more after Canjam! Really interested in learning more about these.

    Hope you will have a good one in NYC!
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