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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. Jackpot77
  2. smallcaps
    Just did a short audition with the 3DD-Ti and almost commited to a month of instant ramen but convinced myself that I wanted the purple ones instead of the black. I've been looking for a dynamic driver IEM to finally replace my beloved IE8s. I think this is it! Next audition will bring in my portable gear as I was just listening off the phone. Still, even from a short time with them, I think I'm in love...
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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  3. glassmonkey
    Howdy folks, our man @Aornic has put his review up on Youtube. Since he's now industry (selling VE and ZMF gear at Acorn Audio), it has to be me sharing his stuff here. He likes 'em.

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  4. rantng
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  5. twister6 Contributor
    Had Mentor V3 loaner for a short while, and had a chance to test/review it as well to compare to Mason V3 and a few other iems. Review posted here.

  6. productred
    Loving my new 3DD-Ti after a brief run-in. Surprisingly it shows no traits of being a basshead iem at all, far from it in fact, even with the knob fully open - contrary to the limited number of early impressions available. Wondering if UM had further fine-tuned the sound of the final product before finally making delivery to stores.
  7. SeeSax
    Would love to try this one out. I think I'll just order it...since it's now like 1/3rd the price of most "TOTL" IEMs ha!

    So you give it a thumbs-up?

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  8. productred
    Dun worry I also blind-buy this one without trying and your reason was part of my reason. So yeah come join the party~
  9. Layman1
    That's very interesting to hear! I really hope to listen to these in the future. A really intriguing prospect :)
    Please do share any more detailed impressions in the coming days/weeks :)
  10. SeeSax
    I just wish these had a "normal" 2-pin socket instead of the extruding UM-type. I know it's probably a more secure design and whatnot, but it makes trying out after market cables a huge pain. It's one of the reasons I sought out the Japanese market variants of UM IEMs because most of them have the normal recessed 2-pin.

    Okay enough complaining, time to find a deal on these. Looks like MusicTeck has them in the US.

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  11. productred
    Most cable makers offer the UE type 2-pin as an option so that shd not pose too big of a problem. I myself have a few lying around serving my UERR and now the 3dd.
  12. productred
    @Cotnijoe Anything to share about the driver designs other than the size? e.g. diaphram materials, any difference between the 3 drivers etc. You know these days every brand hypes about their berrylium / ADLC / titanium / liquid crystal coated drivers with X metal enclosures.
  13. glassmonkey
    I think that UE type 2 pin reverses the polarity of the cable when used with UM. I asked UE about using their cable with UM and they said not to do it. Might not really be any electrical reason you shouldn't, but worth considering. I'm not an electrician so take with a grain of salt.
  14. productred
    I trust what you said @glassmonkey but that's pretty weird. I'm not entirely convinced that the UE folks are anywhere more familiar with UM designs than myself......and did UM put this cable swapping hobby of head-fiers into their consideration towards the decision to use this type of socket, given UM themselves do not offer other cable options? Can we take it at face value and assume the UE cables are compatible with the correct polarity? Can someone else chime in on this issue, UM users or @Cotnijoe perhaps? Thanks and any input would be a big help!
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  15. BigAund
    Anybody know any dealers in Europe that I can source on of UM's 2 pin cables with the screw on bit? There doesn't seem to be a UK dealer at the moment and China have quoted me $50 just for the delivery!
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