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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. Yethal
    We'd go full teenage fangirl and start writing short storiesabout IEMS.
    Wyville likes this.
  2. Wyville
    Dear diary,

    Today I met the most wonderful IEMs. At first they seemed to feel a bit blue, but they soon warmed up (above 31 C) and then everything became clear. Indeed, they seemed to have a talent for adjusting to whatever mood I was in. Sometimes closed and intimate, while at other times they would open up a bit more and that would feel like a breath of fresh air just when I needed it. They did have their quirkiness, sometimes switching around from being a smooth operator to become crisp and clear in their intentions.

    ...I think, dear diary, that we shall have the most wonderful time together.
  3. ngoshawk
    Brilliant response. Well done! :clap::clap::clap::sunglasses:
    Wyville likes this.
  4. Layman1
    Sir, I take my hat off to you :D
    Wyville likes this.
  5. Evilcalyptic
    My next in line lost the monitors. He said the package is not there.
  6. glassmonkey
    Well that's bad. Shipped with tracking and signature?

    For reference, signed and tracked delivery will be required for the European Tour. So if a package is lost, there will be a paper trail.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  7. Layman1
    Whattt? (Darth Vader stylee) :p
    As in you sent them and the next reviewer said they never arrived?
  8. ExpiredLabel
  9. glassmonkey
    Couriers can be right bastards!

  10. San Man

    Since the Mentor is lost, may I be transferred to the Mason list instead? I don't mind being on the bottom if that's necessary.
  11. flinkenick
    Fascinating stuff! You have surely piqued my curiosity. But who are all these people that are claiming this, and where are they saying it? I know Marcus has all three, but outside of that I have literally never seen anybody posting about all three, anywhere. Or would you say Marcus by himself counts as a lot of people? He is a very proficient reviewer.

    Since you agree with them, could you please compare the A18 to the Mentor V3? It would be very helpful to learn about their differences in treble extension, quantity of the midrange, and general tone.
    ngoshawk and glassmonkey like this.
  12. glassmonkey
    I've only had a brief at show listen to the A18T and I didn't like it. I thought the Tia Fourte was many orders of magnitude better. Could have been the unit at CanJam London 2017, but it also could have been that it really does have strange phase effects that allow you to hear how the drivers are dividing the soundstage into sections rather than a cohesive whole. The A18T didn't rock my world in any way. The Tia Fourte is amazing. Also Stereo Pravda SB7 has a phenominal sound on par with the Tia Fourte.

    Never heard the VE8.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2018
  13. glassmonkey
    So news for those itching for a European Tour. I've selected participants and they are being reviewed by @Cotnijoe. Applicants should know their status soon.

    Yethal and Wyville like this.
  14. shenanbay
    So is the tour cancelled ? I have not checked this thread in a while
  15. Cotnijoe
    I'll let you guys know and update with any news as soon as I have something for you guys.
    jinxy245 likes this.
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