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Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

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  1. ostewart
    Not totally related, but where I work are moving at the end of april, so my shipping address for the tour will change. I am guessing we will be contacted before anything is shipped?

    Worse case scenario they get shipped to the old address which Flare Audio are moving in to so they would happily pass them on to me :)
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  2. catalystcc
    Just demoed both Mason and Mentor V3. I found the Mentor is more musical and engaging to my ears with fuller body and smoother sound signature compare to Mason. The 3D soundstage is very addidtive.
    I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger because of not being able to use after market cables.

    I'm curious if the Mason V2 and Mentor V3 share the same sound signature?
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  3. glassmonkey
    Good on ya! Speaking of Germans, did I forget @HiFiChris? Kommen sie bitte.
  4. Yethal
  5. Cotnijoe
    Glad you found the Mentor V3 to your liking! The Mason V2, while weightier than the Mason V3 in terms of low end, still doesn't have quite as much thump as the Mentor and is also a bit on the smoother side when it comes to the highs. It's certainly not dark, but doesn't have the sense of air or sparkle that the Mentor series is fairly well known for.

    In my obviously somewhat biased opinion, the Mentor V3 is a better value proposition considering the better fit and finish of the shell (fit assuming universal model), some degree of flexibility with the sound between the dB-Go module and the cable, as well as the sound being a decent step up in terms of resolution from the Mason V2 - All for about an extra 100 dollars or so.

    Hope that helps you out a bit!
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  6. catalystcc
    Thanks for the advice, I would have bought one if it wasn't for the cable issue. Being able to fine tune the sound with after market cables is just lot more fun and flexible.
  7. glassmonkey
  8. Layman1
    Hey Micah, thanks for the heads-up!
    I can't quite tell; will each person on the tour be receiving both the Mentor AND Mason to review or just one of them?
    If just one, do we get to choose which?
    If both, do we receive them both at the same time, or in staggered intervals?
    And will they come (as another reviewer described) with 3 cables each (3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Balanced and 4.4mm Balanced)?
    Just so I can think ahead in terms of compatibility etc :)

    Muchas gracias :D
  9. Cotnijoe
    There will be separate tours for the Mentor and Mason V3. In the sign up sheet, you will get the chance to pick your preference of the two. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's preferences for the units.

    As for the cables, we will be sending all 3 choices of cables with each unit. We definitely want everyone to get a chance to listen to the IEMs with as many devices as possible! As of now, we're actually out of the 2.5 mm cables and we should have more in stock middle of April. The second we get more, the units will be sent over to Micah to kick things off! Aiming to kick things off late April!

    Hope that clear things up a bit!
  10. Blueshound24

    Thanks for the update. I have updated my sign up information and profile page, you are welcome to take a look at it and please consider me for the tour.
  11. Layman1
    I too have signed up for the tour. Really looking forward to finally hearing a Unique Melody product, and a TOTL one at that!
    Thanks @Cotnijoe and @glassmonkey for organising :)
  12. jeffhawke
  13. glassmonkey
    Until I've got a shipping notification from Lawrance (@Cotnijoe), I'll let people apply. Application doesn't guarantee success, even if I've called your attention. Applicants will be assessed on their merits. Right now there have been 13 applicants for 5 Mason v3 slots, and 6 applicants for 5 Mentor v3 slots. There may still be some more folks coming in.

    Would folks prefer I close down applications at the end of the week? What would we all talk about until the review units ship?

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  14. glassmonkey
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in spite of my 'outrageous accent' we're only recruiting for the European tour right now. Last I checked, these stoney-eyed dudes are in the USA.

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  15. Blueshound24

    Yup, you got that right, And sorry, I was under the impression you were still looking for North American participants.
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