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Underground Hiphop

  1. thirdwar
    Whatsup everybody, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this at, but I just released my first mixtape yesterday, called "Take Your Sedation". I'm an underground revolutionist rapper from Chicago looking to spread my music around the world.
    Check it out and drop a comment on the video to let me know what you think.
    -Third War 
  2. thirdwar
    Check it out people! This is that real!
  3. moriez
    It's not something that I enjoy listening to. Too raw/agressive for me personally. You got flow though.
  4. thirdwar
    word! thanks for the feedback man
  5. cravenz


    yup, I'd say the musicality is still raw, but I guess that's a mixtape and underground stuff. nonetheless, good effort I reckon; I stayed for the whole song [​IMG]
  6. boomana
    I liked it, but removed it due to language at the end.  Can't be posting that here.  Sorry.  Thread closed.

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