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Jun 12, 2009
Hello all, I'm looking for an upgrade from my Super.Fi eb's and Ne-7m's. Four years ago I chose the EBs over the Super.Fi 5 Pro's because I wanted a lot of bass and for years I have been an extreme basshead. Five months ago I purchased the Ne-7m's because I read that they did not lack in bass while providing a good mid range, and at the time I was looking for inexpensive on the go IEMs. The Ne-7m's have great bass and they play the mids and the highs much better than the EB's. Both IEMs are great fun, but I now want something that can outperform them in sound quality.
My goal is to find some IEMs that have:
-Deep,clear, not to tight, multi-layered bass that has less boom than the EB's but more than the Ne-7ms with a slight but not overbearing punch.
- Clear, Warm sound, with highs that sparkle
- Warm vocals that are not recessed but, not to forward either
-A large expansive sound stage
-Can perform admirably without an amp
-Has a replaceable cord(preferable but not required)

your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
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Very simple. This has Sennheiser IE8 written all over it and a half.

Cheaper alternatives would be IE7 or Monster Turbines.
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Originally Posted by ka-boom /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm looking into my crystal ball but it's a little cloudy at this point.

Is your budget $80? $500? $1000?

$500 and under.
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He could get customs for 500 bucks.. from impressions... even the cheaper Customs beat the high end IEMs.
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Buy the IE8's for around $300, and maybe custom tips too if you want. I haven't heard any customs, but it seems to be my impression that the lower end ones will not be better SQ wise - and the really great customs that separate themselves start at around $850 for the ES3X. That's just a guess from what I have read, though. The Westone 3's or UM3X could be worthwhile options as well. They're all very good. The Westone 3's sound more engaging and lively than the IE8's to my ears and the UM3X were warm with great clarity but not so sparkly highs and forward mids. Neither the UM3X or W3's have replaceable cords either, but they're still very good and worth considering.

I still listen to my IE8's more than anything else, however.
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Originally Posted by Daemonoid_B /img/forum/go_quote.gif
$500 and under.

For that price, you can get some custom 3's from hearyourself.com.
The reviews have given them great bass reviews....
I'm ordering mine tomorrow so I can't say that personally but quite a few have
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Thanks all, I purchased some IE8's yesterday, should arive within the next wk, cant wait.

I'm going to avoid customs for now, I want to see how I'll like the sennheiser's first.

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