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[unboxing] KEF LS50 Wireless

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tamsaiming2003, Dec 19, 2016.
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  1. guido
    Read my posting and others too....using the RCA input from an external DAC you do not bypass the internal DAC in the KEFs but for some reason it definitely sounds better ....to my ears and with my DAC at least

    Try both setups and decide for yourself
  2. jologskyblues
    As guido has already explained above, the internal DACs are not bypassable due to the active DSP design of the speakers. The RCA inputs go through an ADC step but the good thing about the LS50W's ADC, DSP and internal DACs are that they're high resolution (24-bits 192KHz) and very transparent so that the sound signature of any source connected is quite audible including outboard DACs. Actually, I have a Rega P3 turntable hooked up to it and I can very much hear the distinctive analog sound of vinyl through the LS50W.

    About the LSX, I'm pretty disappointed that it doesn't have a USB input seeing that these would make ideal desktop computer speakers. I can definitely tell that the USB connection sounds superior to the WiFi and Bluetooth connections on my LS50W.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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  3. beemarman

    Where can you get the LS50W for £1629?
  4. psikey
  5. beemarman
  6. llamaluv
    This has been my experience as well.

    Fed via RCA, the LS50W manages to retain the positive sonic qualities I've grown to love from my external DAC. Direct from USB by contrast, the speakers sound a little harsher in the upper-mids and a little more digital.
  7. crafft
    Went to the iEar audio show in the Netherlands this weekend to hear the LSX. They were demoed alongside the LS50w. As much as I liked the bigger LS50w I was not happy with the sound of the LSX. I heard a demo in a large crowded room as well as in a small room. Each time I heard the LSX there was an annoying resonance to the sound. And each time they sounded rather nasal. I came to the conclusion these are not for me.
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  8. psikey
    We all hear things differently. Five main reviews now on the net and all giving full marks describing them as little wonders.

    Haven't stopped listening to music since I got them, and now have full Roon Endpoint & Spotify Connect.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  9. Flater
    Anyone who compared LS50 wireless with Neumann KH 120?
  10. Mr.Z
    I have a white pair. It is great speakers. I also bought a kef sub to complement the bass.
  11. bsmpower
    Really in doubt to sell my KEF LS50 Wireless and buy the KEF LSX with subwoofer (kube 10b?) for the same price. Which one / combination would sound better?
  12. canali
    doubt kef would sell some new speakers at 1/2 the price of their big brother, thinking just adding a sub would make them sound similar.
    my suggestion, bud: get a sub for your ls50s....i have the svs sb2000 and that just makes the whole SQ sing so much more.
    love that added meaty bottom end.
  13. bsmpower
    Thanks! Yes I thought about that, but then I need to spend more money. If I sell my LS50W for around 1500,- (?), I can buy back the LSX + kube10b (or similar priced (second hand) subwoofer) for that money.
  14. AlanU
    Your better off experimenting with passive LS50 and a nice tube amp and roll tubes or test different Dacs. However I prefer my Kef R300 a lot more than the LS50w or original passive. More presence in analog realism over the ls50.

    LSX has zero appeal to me as it’s for smaller form factor. If the ls50w had a analog bypass to use other sources rather than integral stock dac I’d consider the wireless version.

    Lots of alternatives in the audio world.
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  15. bsmpower
    I had a 5.0 setup (2 towers, center, 2 bookshelf) with receiver. Reason I changed to the KEF LS50W is that I wanted it more clean (less equipment, cables, etc..). So not planning to go back.. Placing a extra subwoofer is not what I intended, but sometimes a miss that litte bit extra in the low. Also thought to buy desktop stand (Isoacoustic Aperta for example) to improve the sound? A lot of choices and alternatives indeed!
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