[unboxing] KEF LS50 Wireless

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by tamsaiming2003, Dec 19, 2016.
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  1. hornytoad
    I don’t . Maybe fool with the room settings if you haven’t done so already .
  2. tamsaiming2003
    Under app setting, trim bass to -5.5db
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  3. tamsaiming2003
    Expert tab
  4. guido
    thanks, I have fiddled with the settings but it did not improve much...maybe better solid stands may help and I need to experiment with room placement
  5. tamsaiming2003
    LS50 Wireless run-in time, imho, 200 hours
  6. peterinvan
    Boomy Bass... I have a small listening room. My solution to the bass boom is to use advanced settings to -5,5db Bass, and +2 onTreble in the KEF Setup. In addition, I have installed 10 acoustic panels (2” Roxul rock wool). I also play with the DSP in Roon when necessary. To my old (70) ears, this works really well. I also use the iOS app Analyzer (with full spectrum Pink Noise) to locate peaks around the room and to ensure my sweet spot does not have any nasty peaks. My speakers are on sand filled stands, with the tweeter at ear height. I like to toe them in such that I see a sliver of the inside walls of the enclosure from my listening chair. I use an 8’ triangle setup.

    Now I listen to the LS50W speakers much more than headphones. I love the “feel” of the sound in my body, and the the fantastic sound stage and instrument separation.

    I agree that the run in is about 200 hours.
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  7. bearFNF Contributor
    Yep, agree with whats been said for settings and stands. My KEF are getting a lot of time on them vs my headphones lately, also.
  8. guido
    they are sounding better already after a bit of experimentation with settings and positioning...lets see how they progress in time....and I also need to get some dedicated stands for them
  9. AlanU
    Are you using stable speaker stands?? Auralex (other brands) foam pads? Iso acoustics?

    I truly feel speakers can change with burn in. Speaker suspension IMO can slightly change as breakin occurs.

    I guess we can rule out the amplification to a certain degree. What is your source?

    I found with my Kef R100 (very similar to LS50 IMO) it had a sound like restriction. Hard to describe but the speaker had some restricted sound but over time they opened up and the bass relaxed. I know my R300 sounded muddy initially but breakin the speakers became more "accurate" and clarity improved. Price point the R300 is an extremely nice speaker IMO.

    I would give the LS50 some more time to breakin'........
  10. AlanU
    You do not really need to toe in those speakers. The Kef uniQ speakers sound dispersion is very good with excellent imaging.

    Room acoustics and speaker stands can play a large role in how the speakers sounds. Pick up some 2+ inch thick Maple wood boards underneath the speakers or speaker spikes (tonne of stuff on the market). Tweaking is personal fun stuff!!
  11. guido
    Thanks for all your replies and suggestions.

    I have the LS50s on marble stands [53cm high] and Iso Acoustic stands in between.

    The marble stands are from my Norh Marble 9 speakers and may not be ideal so I will be on the lookout for dedicated stands soon...
  12. nvfan
    No, because while the resonant frequency might move around 3Hz, it would be a miracle if the room mode that was being excited was exactly the same frequency as the free air resonance frequency of your driver. Your best bet is to either move the speakers further from the walls, or run a sweep with Room EQ Wizard, figure out which frequency range is being excited, and then EQ the fundamental frequency down with something like Equalizer APO.
  13. guido
  14. peterinvan
    My stands are 29" high and sitting in my La-Z-Boy chair, the tweeters are now at the height of my ears. They are not expensive stands, but I filled them with dense sand and installed carpet spikes. Very happy.

    These 24" stands look a bit low. Measure your ear height in your listening chair.
  15. guido
    24" is the recommended height for this size of speaker...any higher would be above ear level for most sitting situations on a sofa or couch...at least for my height and furniture choices:)
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