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UM3x are great, but shall i buy the re400 too?

  1. eskimo
    Hi guys. 
    Got myself some UM3x and they're very good. It's like they don't need an external high class dac to shine through, just a good quality source. But i feel the presentation they give on fast electronic music really doesn't suit them when it comes to fun. 
    So instead of sending these back, as i don't think i'm gonna go any better, shall i get some Hifiman RE400's for electronic? I'm in the UK by the way. I had my eye on the RE400's for a while but decided to say screw it and go with the UM3x. 
    The Klipsch Image X10i are only £30 more here, so i'm not sure whether they are worth a go or not seeing as i'm looking for a fun IEM. 
    These are going to be for travelling and while i should be doing the whole meeting people i'm going to be on long train journey's so "me" time will have to happen at some point. I also wouldn't like to do without my regular dose of neuro funk. 

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