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UM2s or Senn HD555 / HD595 ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donaldekelly, Mar 12, 2008.
  1. donaldekelly Contributor
    Strange question, I guess. I have Westone UM2s. They sound pretty good - but seem to lack some detail. And, I have grown somewhat weary of sticking them in my ears to use them. I think I can be satisfied with KSC75 on the go. (or maybe not if it is noisy - but that is a different issue).

    My question is - do the HD555s or 595s sound better than the UM2s?

    Unamped - I got tired of carrying and using an amp. I guess I am not really an audiophile.

    Usually will be used late at night while sitting in my quiet apartment - wife in the other room and kid asleep most likely.

    I have owned HD280s and AT 900s. They were both good - but I decided to go with the UM2s a few years back. Now I am changing my mind again!

    If the 555s or 595s don't sound substantially better than the UM2s I might just keep the UM2s.

    I might have to buy the 555s and then compare and sell the ones I don't want.

    I hope the question is reasonably clear - I am pretty tired. I searched for about a half hour and found some info, but the UM2 vs Senn5*5 comparison is of an bit odd one.
  2. donaldekelly Contributor
    No takers? Anyone used the UM2 and Senn HD555 or 595 ???


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