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UM Merlin, Dream Earz AUD-5x or 1964 Ears V8

  1. Sludig
    I´m thinking about to get my first pair of custom IEM, but there are so many options! I want an IEM with good bass (quality and quantity), but also as detailed as possible into $700-800 price range. After reading a lot, finalist are UM Merlin, Dream Earz AUD-7x and recently launched 1964 Ears V8.
    I can´t listen to them before, so I´d like to know what do you recommend between them and/or if you recommend another options. My favorite headhones/earphones have been Stagediver SD3, RE400 and LCD-2.
  2. efib
    Very interesting, although I can't help you because it will only be speculations, but somehow UM Merlin caught my attention and I might go for it after UM mentors.
    Waiting to see what others have to say..
  3. djcarpentier
    I have this exact question. I'm waffling between the 5x and merlin. The merlin is $300 more, but also a hybrid, which I'm very interested in.

    The 5x has great reviews but as there's no chance I can try it it's a big chance. Any more thoughts?
  4. Ivabign
    I'm a big fan of the V8 - and its a universal - I figure the custom is even better - great detail - no burying of other frequencies with overpowering bass - very clear and clean. I don't have experience with the UM products - I think the price is what deters some from the V8 - it should be a $1K+  CIEM - but the lower price leads some to believe there is a reason - the reason has nothing to do with quality of sound.
  5. Sludig
    Thanks for your impressions! V8 are receiving goods reviews, I think they would be best option for me. At $799 they are a steal.

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