Ultrasones with Cardas cable - experiences?
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Feb 11, 2008
Hi guys,

So my Ultrasone's cord (the final frontier after the headband gets inevitably trashed) is done right out. Well I went to the Ultrasone website and seen they've got a whole parts section up now. How convenient eh? I always wondered why Ultrasone never improved the build quality of their products and now it's apparent why, so then they can sell you all the replacement parts when your headphones start to fall apart (and they will at some point, trust me I've owned 3 pairs and each and every time..

Anyways, I seen aside from the standard replacement cable, they've now got a supa-dupa CARDAS cable, oh boy! Well I'd need a 15' length, and that would be about two fiddy by the time I'm done, likely a bit more with customs in there (I'm up North in case you hadn't gathered

So I'm torn between $30 for what I had, or $300 for what might be a world of improvement. I know the difference cable can make, but find lately, well not lately, for the past few years really that I just get so lost with my enjoyment in music that a poor cable or a fantastic one quickly gets forgotten shortly after I start playing.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has gotten one of these. I know years ago Ultrasone was a hermit of a brand and only the few and brave chanced on them. Myself I've been unable to enjoy any other headphones since I picked up my first pair around 2000-ish, and I'm glad to know that many of you have opened your ears to the light these badboys can produce. Really it's all subjective to taste, but for me these just do it right the **** up

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dont know much about Cardas cables but i recable my PL750 using plain ol Canare starquad. no matter the results, the detachable plug system makes recabling a cinch though.

as for SQ, the Canare recabling did make difference to my ears. while over dynamics & sound siggy wasnt changed, bass is tighter & the highs are smoother & cleaner to my ears. all in all, for the very little money spent (Canare's quite cheap btw) im surely pleased.
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That's quite cool scottie. I've never really made a cable before what all did you use to make it? Obviously soldering was involved, I don't have my gun anymore unfortunately so if I were to even attempt it I'd have to go buy one or do it up somewhere.

I might go see if I can find a guide somewhere. The cardas cable will cost like $300, and by the looks of the Canare and some connectors, I'd be looking at like $30. Not-a-so-bad, I might just have to give it a shot..
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Actually, I think moon-audio makes an ultrasone cable as well. Just throwing that into the fray...

Heh, is there anything Moon Audio DOESN'T make a cable for?

I'll check it out though, I think if I was gonna cough up the kinda dough for the Cardas I'd probably just as well go with Moon Audio's cable instead. I've heard a few before and they're always really nice. And besides, I like how their cables stand out and frankensteinify your headphones a bit with their off-kilter colors and connectors

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