Ultrasone Signature DJ - price drop (hoping for quick sale)
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Aug 10, 2005
Selling my Ultrasone DJ headphones which I purchased from this forum 2015. I am the second owner and will give a copy of the purchase invoice to the buyer (originally purchased 01 Jul 14). They still have the balance of the 5 years manufacturers warranty remaining and I have confirmed with Ultrasone that it is transferable.

The Sig DJs and all the accessories are in excellent condition. If you want more pictures of the pads let me know.

These are fabulous closed headphones. I know that listening impressions can be subjective but for me these easily best the Audeze Sine and Oppo PM3, both of which I purchased and then returned. Simply put the Sig DJ is more transparent as well as more extended; the soundstage is both wider and deeper, the sound is also less congested than the Audeze and Oppo. Listening to well recorded vocals such as Holly Cole illustrated this to me, with the Sig DJ significantly more real, more live sounding. And yes the bass is great too! They are also very, very easy to drive. Yes they sound a bit better out of my Mojo as opposed to directly from my iPhone 6 but that means they go from very good to wonderful, important when convenience is a priority.

My reason for selling is to downsize. I will be travelling a lot and am changing to IEMs (Ultrasone IQ of course) and my agreement with my wife is one pair at a time. So no collection of cans for me.

Price drop to 350 Euro including postage to mainland Europe. Further afield and buyer pays postage. Payment by PayPal and I will pay the fee.
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