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Ultrasone Saphire - 6 driver hybrid

  1. Mimouille
    Hey guys, I see no one talking about the new Ultrasone top of the line hybrid.

    The configuration seems interesting...and the price as well...close to 3000$ in China. I wonder why there is no info outside of Asia.

    1547483707593.jpg 1547483715173.jpg 1547483712631.jpg 1547483710107.jpg 1547483703873.jpg
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  2. tomscy2000
    Weird shape.
  3. eternal-marc
    Hey man,

    Wow this is surprising to me. I am a huge fan of Ultrasone and I am daily checking their social media etc.. but never heard a single news about this!

    Have you heard them?
  4. Mimouille
  5. OG10
    Electrostatic tweeters.. interesting!
  6. duaned
    So that's $3000 in CNY or USD?
  7. Mimouille
    USD. Around 20k RMB

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