Ultrasone Pro 900B Balanced phones..
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Apr 16, 2009
..with matching balanced Ultrasoneamp (H-101) to follow. Struggling to find much info here or elsewhere else, any thoughts/speculations that you may have would be very interesting to hear (to my mind, at least!)

Anyone else been keeping an eye on developmemts with the launch of the new balanced Ultrasone headphone? Anyone thinking it might be worth a go? Appears to be similar spec as 900 (except the obvious cable change) 900B has RRP $849 (less w/ specials, maybe). Will be intrigued to hear how stock XLR cable compares with Cardas, Moon, etc and others that might come to market (Zu, perhaps?)

The retailer Filmware Products apparently now has this version in - shipping withinin 24hrs - so perhaps some of you have already given them a listen, or plan to do so in the near future.

Any Blockhead // other balanced amp owners around who are tempted to give this little bundle of joy a whirl??!

Just wondering...

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