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Ultrasone Pro 900 Cable Problem (extremely frustrated)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sonic atrocity, Dec 15, 2010.
  1. Sonic Atrocity
    Okay, so today I just got my brand new Ultrasone Pro 900s. They are absolutely fantastic. I had a great time listening to Emperor's Prometheus in the family room and am really glad I bought them. HOWEVER, later on in the evening I was trying to plug the cable into the headphones again but with no success. I realize it is a screw-in but it just won't "catch" or something. I cannot get it in properly. I have heard of similar issues before but cannot find a thread on it.
    Anyone able to help me out here? I am seriously frustrated (and made a great effort at not swearing in this thread!).
  2. jpelg
    Hold the headphones with one hand, while inserting the cable & applying slight upward pressure into the earcup with the other hand, as you turn one or the other until the thread catches. Keep turning/screwing in the cable until it won't go any more.
    No need to apply undue force, but a firm hand is required.
  3. tisb0b
    brute force fixes everything, they are a very sturdy headphone so you aren't going to break them by applying excessive force in order to get the cable to screw in. 
  4. Sonic Atrocity
    Wow. Jeez, thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I was terrified of breaking them earlier and I just gave it some "man" and it worked just fine. I heard a small click, actually. Thank you very much for the help!!
  5. matthewh133


    Hahaha I had the same issue when I first got them. Was afraid I would break them but just had to give it a good push. Glad you got it going.
    Edit: Hooray for bumping old posts >.>
  6. Sonic Atrocity
    Hurray for responding to extremely old threads while stoned. :)
  7. lalavideos


    hey, i was wondering if aftermarket cables will fit into the pro 900's?, if so, wt kind of cables do i need to look for?...
    i know some1 selling them w/o the cables hence the silly questioning :p

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