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Ultrasone Pro 750 - Muffled Sound? Burn-In Time Needed?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tqt1015, Dec 3, 2012.
  1. tqt1015
    Hi everyone, I just joined Head-Fi today. I just received my new Ultrasone Pro 750 today. At first I thought the bass was amazingly deep and powerful. Great. But then I put on my really old Sony MDR-CD780 from eons ago, and I thought the Sony's provide clearers mids and crisper highs, just the bass wasn't as deep and tight. What's wrong with me, haha? Do I need to burn-in the Ultrasone? Do I just like lots of treble and soundstage? Also, my head hurts as these are really tight on my head, only after 5 minutes. Oh, and I pair these with my FiiO E11 (setting generally Gain High, and EQ level 2).

    I've bought/returned several pairs within the last few months (in ranking order):

    1) Audio-Technica ATH-900X (loved the comfort, soundstage was good, but when compared to my Sony's, I liked the Sony's)
    2) Beyerdynamic DT750 (really liked them for a few weeks, liked the bass, didn't like the soundstage in comparison to ATH-900X)
    3) Sennheiser HD380 (muffled sound, lacked a good soundstage, way too tight on my head, caused headaches)
    4) AKG K272 (bland sound, decent comfort).
    5) Sony XB500 (

    Please help me make a good choice, I'm tired of auditioning, buying and returning.

    Any advice would be great!



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