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Ultrasone HFI-780 replacement earpads

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by graj08, Mar 6, 2009.
  1. graj08
    Hey guys-

    Does anyone know where I can buy replacement earpads(pleather or, hopefully, velour) for my ultrasone hfi-780? I looked on Ultrasone's site, but it only has pleather pads for the pro 550 and pro 650. Does anyone know if these will work on the HFI-780?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. aamefford
  3. mrarroyo Contributor
    I have found a way to make this headphone much more comfortable and a better performer for cheap. First order a set of ear-pads from Beyerdynamic DT250/280. I paid $25 including S&H for a supplier in the USA. Then install them after you remove the pleather pads that Ultrasone ships w/ this headphone. You will find:

    1. The comfort will be fantastic, gone is the plasticly feel, the sweating, and pain from the hard stock pads.

    2. The bass will be deeper, more of it, and it will have more punch.

    3. Mids will be better defined and easier to place the instruments.

    4. Highs will loose some harshness and yet be clearer and with more detail

    Here are some pictures.



  4. member1982
    awesome mod.
  5. aamefford
    I am sort of resurrecting this thread with some information I was going to post in the similar thread over in the Ultrasone forum:


    I elected to move over here, as some of the info is likely not entirely flattering to ultrasone's stock design of the 780's, and well, the other thread is in their house, so to speak:

    I've been accused of having a thick head, a pig head, a big head, probably a fat head, and definitely of being bullheaded. I'm pretty sure it is of larger than average but not outlandish proportions.

    I find the Velvet pads infinitely more comfortable. I think I find the bass slightly less tight. I think the treble is still very bright, but not nearly as brittle. I think the mids came forward ever so slightly.

    I've prefaced everything with I think in deference to the 300, 400, 500 hours, never gonna happen burn in times that are smattered all over any mention of the HFI780. I got them with 200 hours, they have about 300 now, and do seem to change still, or my perception of them is changing, as the source and music choice change. Whatever...

    Anyway, I can wear them quite comfortably now, even with glasses. I could not before, and would have sold them this week had the Beyer pads not solved that problem.

    Anyone have any suggestions for the top bar pad? It is like a knife edge splitting my skull after a while.

    Next is an attempt at damping, finally a recable. I'll probably use the smaller diameter Mogami, I may spring for some XLO. I'm not sure yet.
  6. mrarroyo Contributor
    aamefford how about a crazy idea! See if the Beyer "strap on" (no wise comments please [​IMG]) fits the HFI-780. If it does remove the "top bar pad" and use the Beyer's "strap on" pad.
  7. aamefford
    I recall seeing a picture of one of those, probably in a "make my Grado stop making me feel like a WWII Communications Officer" thread. Might be worth a try. I had also considered getting some stiff foam and then memory foam on top in there somehow, or possibly a Senn pad, as they are pretty comfortable. The beyer pad sure has the advantage of being easy!
  8. spacemanspliff
    I'm using a 2" thick memory foam cut out for my headpad lol. Works nifty.

    Ultrasone made a great driver (after mods) but the rest of it just sucks. Hard pads, clampy, just plain not comfortable.
  9. Likwid
    I'll have to keep this in mind when my 780's get here, thanks for the tip!
  10. zordof
    will this work with 550 pro ultrasones?
  11. robojack
    I have to attest that this mod works WONDERS. I used to sweat like crazy when wearing the 780s for more than 30 minutes. Now, I can wear them for several hours, and barely feel any heat buildup. Also, the velour makes the 780s much more comfortable and lush to wear.
  12. Carlsan
    B&H are out of stock. Anybody know of another supplier for the Beyerdynamic DT250/280 pads?
  13. robojack
  14. aamefford
    For those who might be interested, I started this thread:


    The modding notes are likely more interesting to readers of this thread. I've added Dynamat to the ear-cups, and a vinyl damping material to the baffle board (driver mounting plate?). I've also added some polyester felt batting that I found laying around. My impressions are in the above thread.
  15. Raq05
    B&H and Pro Sound both out of the DT250 ear cushions. Anyone else know where I can order a pair? Thanks!

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