Ultrasone HFI-780 amp
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Jun 17, 2006
Looking for the perfect amp under 350$ that will be used at a desktop computer for around 8-12hrs a day. Will be listening to gaming/rock/techno.

so far people have mentioned d2 viper, 2move, and Audio-Technica AT-HA25D
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So onboard soundcard? Do you know which one? Just trying to help others figure out if your cash should be exclusively for an amp or DAC/amp combo.

I can't personally help you much, but I will say it sounded very nice with the PRII and Graham Slee Voyager.
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If you're looking for an amp/dac combo I would give the Meier 2move a serious look. Its in your budget. I've heard the first version of the move and it had a nice warm sound signature which will pair well with the 780s.

The other option, is to get a used HR microdac (which provides USB, optical and coax input options) and pair it with a Meier headsix or another amp in a similar price range. The advantage of this setup is it will give you many more input options. Also the microdac is a very nice sounding unit. Downside is you'll have to deal with 2 units (dac & amp) instead of a combo. Another option to consider.

I dont know what soundcard you have, but if you're looking for an amp only as blessingx stated the 780s sound great with the Larocco PRII. I also just received my iQube. Its still burning in but it sounds very very nice out of the box with the 780s.
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oh sorry i was looking for a dac combo probably since im using onboard sound off an asus p5n32-e sli

i kinda dont like the 2move because of the 9volt i like the rechargble battery of the viper---is tomahawk anygood for this setup?
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Tomahawk is an amp only (no dac).

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