Ultrasone HFi-780 amp + dac - LD MKVII+ + DAC I?
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May 22, 2010
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May 22, 2010
Hey there, people of head-fi!
After a few days of research I think I may need to update my whole current setup.
I have decided I need a new DAC + amp (I currently use an M-audio firewire solo as both), chiefly because I am looking to the DT 990s in the near future.
I believe that the MKVII+ is a good amp choice, seeing as it is balanced (which is a good option, I'm led to believe) and chiefly - I'm a bit frightened by the maintenance and the upkeep cost of tube amps.
After a lot of forum browsing (and not that many reviews of the LD DACs) I am pretty sure I have chosen the DAC I, as the overall feeling is - a good price/value ratio.
I am looking forward to enjoying both the HFi-780s and the Beyerdynamic DT 990s with the DAC I.
Are there any other DAC choices in the same price range I should consider with both sets of headphones?
From what I've read, maybe Cambridge Audio.
(Main musical preferences are electronic, classical, jazz and rock - I'm thinking 780s for classical and electronic and DT 990s for jazz and rock.)
EDIT: A quick question should someone answer - maybe the V-DAC instead? How do the DAC I and the V-DAC compare in your opinion?
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