Ultrasone HFI 700 v HFI 780
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Dec 4, 2007
I previously owned the Ultrasone HFI-700, and sold them. They were good, but I was looking for something more. I know the HFI-780 is the successor to the 700. Does anyone know how much of an improvement is 780 is- other than the physical appearance. And how much better is the 2200? I want the clearest highs and mids, and tight bass. I cannot stand when bass muffles some of the sound. Here are a list of the headphones I am considering.

Denon AH D2000
Ultrasone HFI 780
Beyerdynamic DT990
Grado 325i

I have a c&c xoxo headphone amp, and I listen to mainly rock/classic rock/alternative in lossless formats. I love discovering new sounds that I never heard before when re-listening to my music through quality headphones. My budget is $300 give or take. Please, any suggestions? I want the best value for my dollar!

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