Ultrasone HFI 580 vs. Audio Technica Pro700mk2
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Feb 15, 2013
I was wondering which would be better for me. I listen to mostly rap and i want headphones with very good bass (and crisp bass) while at the same time having great sound quality. Which one would you recommend and why?
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From my personal experience the 580 would be a great place to start. I wish I could say I've heard the pro700mk2, but from what I've seen it's main trait is the bass, where as the 580 is a bit more well rounded.
Not sure if this helps... haha. Either way I'm sure you can't go wrong.
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If you have ever heard the ADH M50, add a larger driver (53 mm) with greater Bass extension and you've got the Pro700 MKII. It's a tiny tad brighter than the M50, but I think they voiced it that way to compensate for the more prominent Bass. They sound pretty good to me. Unfortunately, I'm on the other side from the previous poster in that I have never heard the HFI 580. I do have the Pro 900s and they have the most hard hitting Bass of any headphone I've heard. It too has a somewhat bright top end though. Sometimes it can come off as detailed, other times too bright. The same basically could be said for the 700 though... Personally I ended up with an HE400 and it's best of all worlds. 

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