Ultrasone HFI-550 vs. HFI-580
Jul 10, 2009 at 12:28 PM Post #2 of 2
I have HFI-580 & hate it & love it at the same time!!! Probably they aren't burned-in well, cause i use them only 200 hours or so! Highs are very agressive & uncomfortable. I truly believe that this thing would change in future (after 400 hours as someone wrote here), but now it's often impossible to listen this cans... Half of my collection can't be used with this phones.
Bass is fine - that's where they shine! Mids are not so pronounced as i want them to be - even Ety Er4p does it better. Soundstage isn't great, even AT ATH-A500 does better here. Overally it's a good phones, but not for all music genres. Great for roch, electronic. Base guitar favourite instrument of this cans. They easily can be driven even with mp3-player or soundcard. Well-built, nice looking. I'd recommend to listen before you buy them. 'Cause it seems like big downgrade from HFI-780, IMHO

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