Ultrasone Edition 9 Headband Position
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May 2, 2004
As I've stretched out the headband, the My Edition 9 have definitely gotten more comfortable. The only thing that I still find weird is that I can't seem to wear them in the "correct" position.

What do I mean? The picture below helps explain. BTW, I produced the image by borrowing the one found in Meier-Audio's website in the "tips & tricks" section (http://www.meier-audio.homepage.t-on.../position.gif).


On the left is what I consider to be the "correct" way to wear headphones. The headband is aligned with the top of your head. One of the things I modified from Meier-Audio's image is that I slightly angled the ear clockwise. At least on my head, they aren't so straight.

As a result, the Edition 9's oval-shaped earpads don't quite align with the ears when you wear them with the headband in the "correct" position. I end up wearing them as in the right hand side of the picture, where you can see that the oval now closely aligns with the shape of the ear. However, this results in the headband being angled back and sitting closer to the crown of the head.

Does anyone else do this? I remember wearing Sennheiser HD-650s, which also have oval pads, in the "correct" position without any problem, but they were big enough that you didn't really need a good alignment with the ears. In this case, however, they're small enough that you can feel your ears touch the inside of the cups if you don't wear them a certain way.

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