Ultrasone Edition 9 / Edition 8 Question
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Is there any special burn-in procedure for Ultrasone Edition 9 or Edition 8?

Do either of these headphones come with a burn-in disc? I believe I had read this a while back, but I may be mistaken

How many hours of Burn-In do Ultrasones typically take?

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Play a variety of music styles, with a wide range of frequencies (highs, mids, lows) at a slightly higher than your regular listening levels. Change up the discs every day or two.

You will start to hear what the Ultrasones are capable of after 200-250 hours. Don't be discouraged over what you hear before that time, as it will change every day.

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Music is less work for your headphones than pink noise, if you use pink noise some people recommend putting delays in between and not doing it too many hours a day. And to be safe just use low-medium or medium volume, some people have said their headphones died by too much high volume for their first attempt at burn-in. Since Ultrasone drivers are angled I suspect it must work harder than other types of headphones for the same perceived amount of loudness so not using high volume for first burn-in isn't a bad idea.
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Originally Posted by haloxt /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Since Ultrasone drivers are angled

For once and for all, Ultrasone drivers are NOT angled!

They are offset from center, with strategically engineered cover plates, that work together to create their unique soundstaging. But they are most definitely mounted flat or parallel to the ear.
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No angled is something different where the drive typically is closer to the head in the front and further away from the head at the back
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Many people recomend burining the Edition 9 for 400 hours. I burned mine for 200 hours with the Isotek CD and 200 hours of dynamica music.
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haloxt have a point though since you have your entire ear between the driver so they act as kind of a damper. I am sure some sound at least go behind my dumbo ears rather then straight down my ear channel like most centered drivers do. Even though they aren´t angled. However the way the audio enters according to Ultrasone mean you should be able to run lower db numbers? Maybe equal eachother out.

But really just get a spl metre then you know exactly at what volume you run them at. Don´t trust your ears. 100 db pink noise doesn´t really hurt my ears and that is way to much volume.

From what I read the safe way to do it is start easy with regular music for the first 10 hours or so. Then use pink noise at 75 db max and use pauses say 20 minute pink noise, pause for 30 seconds or so. Worked for my 750 and 900 no problem.
As mentioned they do change a lot. Very noticable when going from my 750 to 900. I got quite frustrated since it took very long time for the 900 to pass the 750 even though it didn´t sound quite as crappy as the 750 did from the beginning

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