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Ultrasone 900 vs AKG Acoustics K550

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gustavthelion, Dec 25, 2011.
  1. gustavthelion
    Hi all, I am not an audiophile by any means so I don't really know anything about headphones so bare with me. I know people hate this but right now I have Studio Beats and I'm looking to upgrade. I listen to mostly Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore, Electronica, and Hip Hop. so i do need wider range headphones. But to be honest i do enjoy the cheap thrills the Beats give me when listening to dubstep or hip-hop. They are not so great at Rock though so I am looking to switch up. I am currently looking at the Ultrasone PRO 900s and the AKG K550s. And yes looks are a deal-breaker for me considering I wear my headphones all the time. I really like how the AKG K550s look and the Ultrasones look good enough i guess. So now its down to sound. I do enjoy pounding bass when listening to dubstep and I don't think I'm willing to give up too much in that area, I would like to retain hard hitting bass while improving mids, highs, etc. So what do you guys think between these two? If there are any good looking cans I don't know about suggestions are fine too- I'm looking in the $300 price range
    ALSO: Do I require an amp for either of the headphones, because I'm used to just replacing the triple As in my beats and that seems to be easier than carrying around an amp which i'm pretty much not willing to do at all. Unless its tiny I guess, but i'd prefer not to.
  2. Coq de Combat
    The thing with Pro 900 is that it really seems to be a hit or miss kind of headphone.
    Maybe you should consider auditioning them before putting down so much money for a headphone..? See which one you like the best..
  3. Gwarmi
     Cannot really be done ~ uber hard hitting bass and yet for rock you'd want extra crisp mids and upper mids.
     It's a very difficult request for the one headphone.
     Keep the Beats for your hip hop and consider an open headphone for rock as they walk over their
     closed counterparts for the genre.
     Beyerdynamic DT440 or Grado 225i, both are tops.
     Both are relatively easy to drive, get a Fiio E11 for next to nothing and take either anywhere you want.
     Sure it'll be open but it's workable. The Pro 900's isolation is pretty average.
  4. WoahReQQuiem
    For $300, you can get two headphones that excel in the genres you listed.
    Although I haven't auditioned it yet, the Ultrasone HFI-580 (from what I've read) is said to come close to the Pro 900's bass levels at a much lower price. They would cover your needs for EDM and Hip-hop. 
    For Rock and Post-Hardcore, check out the Grado Prestige Series. I would recommend the SR-80i, or the SR-225i.
  5. gustavthelion
    @CdC all i have is best buy and the best cans they have are the studio beats... wish i could though
    would anyone know if i need an amp for the 900s?
    also @WoahReQQuiem would you know if the 900s still have good mids and highs even if not the best because that would be fine, its just that after listening to rock on my home stereo then switching to beats they are terrible, so even more than average is fine.I will also look into the ones you said thanks
    And does anyone know anything about the K550s ? they seem badass but thats just at first glance, don't know too much about 'em
    @Gwarmi yeah it seems like i can't have the best of both but even just over average would be great, I've heard the 900s are like the beats with bass but much better everything else, if this is the case that is fine even if the highs aren't amazing 
    So then after reading everything, unless someone has used the K550s and comments, do the Grado Prestige Series SR325is have a decent amount of bass? Because I would like to end up with only one pair and sell my beats.
    So overall considering ALL types of music(basshead all the way to acoustic) would i be better of with the 

    Grado Prestige Series SR325is the AKG K550s or the Ultrasone PRO 900s?

  6. WoahReQQuiem
    The Pro 900 has subwoofer-like bass, it goes very deep. And it is not so overpowering, contrary to what most people say about them. The mids are slightly recessed, it's like 6 rows away from you, but it is still very detailed. The treble is just great, although that might be because I am used to the treble of the Grado SR325i. You may (and probably will) find them harsh at first listen. Pre-burn in, they are definitely harsh (without prior experience to treble-happy headphones, IMO).
  7. gustavthelion
    Yeah I am leaning towards the Pro 900s. also would you mind giving me a brief explanation of what you mean by harsh treble and what pre-burn in is? I'm a bit new to headphones. also your opinion on 

    Ultrasone PRO 900s or Grado Prestige Series SR325is for all types of music if you had to choose one

  8. Gwarmi


     Pro 900 will certainly need an amp of some sort ~ they sound really flat, lifeless especially in the bass region without one.
     Best of both worlds? Consider a Pro 2900. It still retains the Pro 900 signature but the semi open design makes it airier and
     it's better with the mids. Closest you'll come to eating your cake and having it too [​IMG]
     Now you just need to work out whether you want a portable amp or a desktop amp.
  9. gustavthelion
    I can't swing that much unfortunately [​IMG] but with the Pro 900s without an amp will they sound even worse than the Beats? And then on top of that any suggestions on the the cheapest possible portable amp available that will get the job done?
  10. Gwarmi


     Yes cannot say that I would recommend the Pro 900 without an amp, but that's me.
     $64 later - E11 is yours
  11. gustavthelion
  12. Gwarmi


     Ahh right, you want to use them mainly on your laptop. the DAC (digital analogue converter) already exists in your laptop, it's part of the soundcard section
     before the headphone out but it's usually quite cheap and noisy. The E7 will be much cleaner sounding, it effectively takes over as soon as you plug it in.
     I'd consider the E10 ~ it's also a DAC and amplifier, really tiny and it runs off USB.
    Most people would connect the E7 like this
  13. WoahReQQuiem

    Harsh treble is kind of like.. cymbals crashing at 3 feet away from your ear. It hurts.
    Pre burn in? Its the time when your headphones are brand new and still have stiffer drivers. Burning them in (pink/white noise burn in or using your music) "softens up" the drivers.

    About the amping issue, yes, the Pro 900 is a bit flat in the bass region without an amp. If you'll use them for portable use, get a Fiio E11 / iBasso T3 and the Fiio L9 Line Out Dock if you're using an iDevice. For desktop use, I'd recommend the Fiio E10, Fiio E7/E9 combo and the Audinst HUD-MX1. For both portable and desktop use, get the iBasso D6, or if you want a cheaper option (but uses 9V batteries), get the iBasso D4.

    Note that I am solely basing my suggestions on reviews, and not my own ears, so take them with a grain of salt. They are popular products in their price ranges, though.

  14. Lorspeaker
    check out this powerhouse of a player..
    tomorrow is the last day to get a superdeal...50% off :p
  15. gustavthelion
    thanks for all the help guys. if i can sell my beats i will go ahead and get the Ultrasone 900s and the E7 amp. I'll report back if i do!

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