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Ultrasone 900, Denon D2k or Ultrasone 650+amp

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by krown, Dec 27, 2012.
  1. krown
    Sorry to throw another wrench into the discussion, but has anyone had any experience with or heard anything about the PSB M4U2? they retail for $350 from a local shop.
  2. spittis

    I am a happy HE-400 user, and a gamer at that. They work great for gaming, and even better for music. I had my doubts about the bass too when I initially got them but I have been nothing but pleased. Albums like Infected Mushroom's Vicious Delicious sound incredible on the HE.400. The bass is definitely enough in quantity and high in quality, as is the rest of the sound spectrum. They are also quite easy on the ears, a good word to describe the sound would be mellow I think. Some songs can get a bit sibilant, but in those cases it's the recordings fault since most music does not have any problems. I wholeheartedly recommend them if it wasn't clear already [​IMG]
  3. krown
    Yea, unfortunately it seems my options are becoming more limited. The prices on the ultrasones have been raised to $550 so I am edging towards the HiFiMan he400. I am curious about peoples' experience with the PSB M4U2 or possibly the Ultrasone 650,
  4. Lorspeaker
    pro900 are selling for 250 to 300 on the resale forum...
    and it comes with two sets of velor earpads if hygiene is of concern. ( assuming one pair is untouched...:p )
    But i snuggle up to these leathers.....its a pair of JMoney Beyer pads. The Denon version works too.
    The bass hits hard, n took on a more spacey feel. i like that...zzzz.
    The pair i found, came with this extra SHURE cable..
    the brightness is tamed a notch..n cleaner sounding. havent touched the stock cable since.
    If u are not willing to mess around/experiment with this can, and your setup, stay away. 
    The shrilling sound seems typical right off the box to most. 
  5. krown

    Yea thanks for the input, I'm not gonna lie I'm still very tempted to get the 'sones. However, its a very divided set of cans. You wither hate it or love it . For my first true step into The hi if world and with so Mich money on the line; I'm not sure I want to risk a bad purchase. Thank you though
  6. krown
  7. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Well, good luck with whatever you go with krown. Yes, the Ultrasone motto is " love em or hate em". Even in the Ultrasone Fan thread there are lots of positive as well as negative posts and it's a fan thread. Lol

    That's what makes them special. Diversity at its finest.


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  8. krown
    Well thanks to everyone who helped out on this post. In case anyone is curious I am most likely going to be purchasing the HiFiMan He-400. Amazing how things can turn out [​IMG]

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