ultrasone 780 vs ultrasone 900
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Oct 28, 2009
 hi all , what do u think about this compare ? i already have 780 but i need more powerfull , deeper amd more punchy bass
  (trance , drum and bass , dubstep , hardstyle,electro etc.n )
in poland 780 cost 750 PLN (1 PLN = 3 dolars ) 900 cost 1500pln
its good idea to sell 780 and buy 900 ?
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See my sig for a review.
In short though
Pro 900
-bigger soundstage
-bigger bass/more bass/more impact
-more detailed
-more laid back
-warmer sound
-more body
-IMO boring sound sig in comparison to the 780s
-punchier bass
-more upfront (exciting?) sound sig
-thinner sounding
-more energy
I still like recabled 780s over the 900s which I Kees' modded and then sold.
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^well..that would confuse you haha. By punch, I mean the impact and sound you will feel/hear is in quicker, shorter bursts which result in a more exciting sound. The Pro 900s have a louder, bigger bass which does hit harder, but it is not as quick. It sound more fluid and warmer.
Stock for stock, I still like the 780s more. 
Technically, the 900s are a better headphone due to their improved detail and bigger sound stage. However, they lack the excitement of the 780s and I felt the 780s weren't far behind the 900s in detail at all. The soundstage is of the 900s is noticeably bigger, but again, this wasn't a deal breaker for me. After listening to both (stock 780 and Kees' mod 900) for about 10 mins each, it was easy choosing which one to keep.
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Like them both, 780 is more exciting, 900 is more neutral reference like. Electronic, rap, pop -> 780,   Piano, Classical, Acoustic, Jazz etc -> 900
Though I still prefer 2400's over both. (which is more expensive than 780, but cheaper than the 900).

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