Ultrasone 780 vs AT ES7 - Which One?
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Mar 10, 2004
Hey guys-

I'm going to be purchasing a new set of cans today and would like your opinion on these 2 models. I will be using a Sony A818 DAP, unamped for now. I have heard great things about both and they are both in the same price range. I like to listen to Jazz and Classic Rock. My wife will borrow them as well.....she likes Hip-Hop. I'm looking for a closed set of cans so I can use them on a plane or in the coffee shop, as well as at home.

Does any one have experience with both, or either set......please let me know as I'm going to pull the trigger today.

Also at home I'm using a vintage set-up right now with a Thorens Turntable feed an old AKAI M-8 Reel to Reel player on the line in's. The M-8 is a tube deck and is awesome to use as a headphone amp.....I think it puts out about 3 watts per channel. So I want to hook these cans into the M-8 for that warm vintage sound.

Thanks for your help!


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